Vodafone revamps its most popular mobile plans – and slashes big data offering

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It’s not often a major telco provider refreshes its offerings, but this week, Vodafone hit the market with a massive splash. The revamp involves overhauling its most popular SIM-only mobile plans – including cutting out its one truly unlimited data option.

So what’s actually different about Vodafone’s new mobile plans? Here’s the download.

Vodafone SIM-only Infinite Plans get a new look

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Instead of a suite of scaled options, Vodafone has streamlined its unlimited SIM-only plans to three just offerings: Small, Medium, and Large. 

These plans correspond with the previous $45 Lite+, $55 Super, and $65 Super+ postpaid tiers, though with a few changes in features like data allowances, mobile network speeds, and international call limits. Plan prices haven’t changed.

All three plans have seen a huge boost in fast data, but once customers burn through the allowance, they’re stuck at 2 Mbps (previously capped at 10 Mbps). That’s enough to send an email, but good luck streaming videos on the way home from work.

The changes do away with Vodafone’s popular $85 Ultra Plan (which featured truly unlimited data not subject to speed caps, though with fair use conditions) and its $40 Lite Plan. 

Customers currently on one of the discontinued plans will be able to keep their service and features for now, so long as they don’t cancel. New customers will get to choose from the new options.

How does Vodafone compare to Optus and Telstra?

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While the plan changes pull Vodafone customers towards higher entry prices and bigger data options, the telco still generally works out to be the cheapest option among the Big Three mobile networks (though prices vary case by case).

Regional customers might find Vodafone’s network a little too patchy compared to Telstra and Optus, and customers who regularly call overseas on a budget will be disappointed that Vodafone’s new Small Plan has done away with international minutes.

However, if you’re looking for value and it aligns with your lifestyle, Vodafone remains strongly competitive – it even nabbed a few wins at the Mozo Experts Choice Mobile Awards in 2022.

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