5G fixed wireless: Telstra opening faster speeds to more customers

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Telstra will open its 5G fixed wireless broadband service to more customers as it finishes trials, though the company announced it will set a limit on the number of services it offers per postcode to avoid congestion on the network.

Telstra will offer a single plan on its 5G fixed wireless service, targeting both home and business users. There is no option to top up data if the allowance is exceeded, nor to upgrade to a different plan.

The $85 monthly plan features 1TB of data at full speed, which Telstra lists as between 50mbps and 600mbps download and 10mbps to 90mbps upload during the busiest evening periods. If the 1TB data is exceeded, the speed is capped at 25mbps, and slowed further in busy periods. 

The fast speeds offered on the 5G fixed wireless plan mean customers may consider it as an alternative to NBN services and other broadband offerings. Both Telstra and Optus have seen speeds on their 5G networks exceed 3.5GBps when testing their new mmWave technology, although that isn’t expected to be offered on Telstra’s current fixed wireless plan.

Although Telstra is widening the 5G fixed wireless service offering, it still notes on its website that it is only available in select areas for eligible customers. The company has also not specified how many services it will offer per postcode as a part of its congestion-management plan. 

Telstra said its service qualification tool would take into account a number of variables such as capacity and signal strength before making a call on whether an additional service in the area can be supported.

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Last updated 21 July 2024