Aussies could be saving money by switching to a cheaper internet provider

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New research from Commonwealth Bank has found that finding a cheaper Internet offer is the main reason Australian’s switch telecommunications providers, but many people do little research when it comes to choosing which providers to go with.

Survey results have found that 47% of people admitted to doing either no research or a basic level of research before choosing their internet provider. This means that many Aussies could be saving money when it comes to their internet bills if they just put in a little more time and effort into finding a more affordable option.

In addition to finding a cheaper offer (47%), poor value for money is the second most popular reason why Aussies would decide to make the switch to a cheaper plan (41%), followed by poor product experience (40%) and bad service quality (36%).

Another barrier preventing people from switching telco providers is general comfort with their current provider (42%) as well as the fear that other providers will not be better or are much the same and so it is not worth switching (60%).

Commonwealth Bank’s, Angus Sullivan says the research shows that customers are keen to save money on their everyday bills and commitments such as Internet, however many don’t know the deals and discounts on offer due to limited research and an inertia around switching.

When should I look at changing my internet provider?

If you believe that you are paying more than you should be on your internet bills, it may be worth doing some research to find a better plan, especially if you are not otherwise satisfied with the product you are getting.

With so much work being reliant on the internet these days, it is important to have a fast and reliable internet connection. However, Commbank has found that 67% of customers have reported experiencing internet connection issues with almost a quarter (23%) saying that important meetings or presentations have been disrupted due to connectivity issues.

In addition, more than 1 in 10 have said that they have had to work after hours to catch-up on outstanding tasks as a result of a poor connection.

So, if your internet connection is unreliable, it is definitely worth doing some research and trying to find a better deal, especially if it is causing you to be inconvenienced at work.

According to More and Tangerine Telecom chief executive, Andrew Branson, the common perception is that changing Internet providers is more hassle than it’s worth.

“But if you could be spending less with a different provider and receiving a better quality of broadband, then it’s probably time to swap,” he says.

Branson’s advice to Aussies is, “don’t put off changing to a better suited and more affordable provider just because of the effort it will take as that is an old misconception and in the current environment, every dollar counts.”

If you are interested in changing your internet plan in order to save money, check out our broadband home page for more information, news and a range of broadband deals to choose from.