Aussies spending $390 million a year on unused streaming services

Netflix on Tv with hand on remote

Mozo has found that 81% of Australians are loaded up with streaming subscriptions to stay entertained, but failing to cancel subscriptions could prove a costly mistake.

53% of streamers don’t cancel a streaming subscription they are no longer using, according to a nationally representative survey of over 2300 Australians commissioned by Mozo conducted between 20 May 2021 and 1 June 2021. Aussies instead are electing to keep their options open or hoping other family members might one day login.

  • 81% of Australians are currently subscribed to an entertainment streaming service with Netflix the nation’s favourite platform
  • More than half of Australians surveyed don’t cancel a service they are no longer using
  • The everyday Australian is splurging $291 a year on average on streaming subscriptions

The data shows almost two thirds of streamers are currently paying for multiple streaming platforms, as they surf for the latest movie and series releases. Australia has more than 15 streaming platforms, with the average of those surveyed paying $291 a year across services. By remaining diligent with subscriptions and remembering to cancel those unused platforms, Australians could save up to $148 annually by halving the number of services they regularly subscribe to.

“The great thing about streaming services is that you can pay month to month, so it's really easy to cancel a service you're not using, until the platform once again has content you find enticing,” says Mozo spokesperson Tom Godfrey. “Taking advantage of trial periods to determine whether there is enough content that interests you is a good way to decide if the monthly subscription cost is worth it.”

Mozo found more than a third of streaming users were making the most of the free trial period by signing up to watch a series and then cancelled when the free period ended.

According to Mozo’s survey, Netflix (49%) was ranked the favourite streaming service among Aussies, while Disney+ (7%), Amazon Prime Video (7%), Youtube Premium (6%) and Stan (5%) were found to be growing in popularity.

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Last updated 14 July 2024