Best shows to stream in May? Here are the top picks from Mozo’s Content Team

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If you’ve got a subscription to Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime, Binge or one of the other major streaming platforms, you’ll know the feeling of being overwhelmed by the endless range of content available. Stuck on what to watch next? Here is what the team at Mozo has been watching and enjoying lately.

Evlin: New Stranger Things for the first time in three years? Yes please! I've been re-bingeing the hit Netflix show in preparation for the drop of Season 4 (Vol. 1) later this month, and I am both excited and terrified to fall into the Upside Down again. Let there be tissues, Eggos, and nostalgia. #HopperLives!

Ally: Heartstopper on Netflix. This 8 episode series follows the cutest coming of age and love story of high schooler Charlie and Nick. Not only is this show super heart warming but has the most diverse cast ever. It’s also the perfect example of how to do book to screen adaptations. If there isn’t a season 2 I will riot.

Ella: Below Deck Down Under on Hayu / Amazon Prime. Reality show following the crew members on Luxury Yachts in the great barrier reef. It is the perfect mix of trashy reality drama and pretty travel locations in Oz.

Ava: Selling Sunset on Netflix. I just binged all 5 seasons. A heightened reality show toxic workplace where all people are either incredibly cruel and manipulative or really boring. They also sell houses.

Tristan: Formula One Drive to Survive on Netflix. This is an original documentary series that gives an exclusive, intimate look into the lives of the world’s best Formula One drivers. The series follows the Formula One World Championship season, and provides an in-depth exploration of the sport, its teams, and the people involved. If you’re a fan of motorsports or simply want to learn more about this exciting sport, I highly recommend checking out this series!

Amelia: Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix. One of the shows everyone is talking about at the moment, Anatomy of a Scandal is a 6 part series based on the book by Sarah Vaughan. It follows the story of a couple involved in a cheating scandal and a court case. This show was made to be binged, I could not tear myself away until I had finished the whole series so make sure you don’t have anything that desperately needs to be done before starting this show!

JP: Cobra Kai on Netflix. The show I've enjoyed the most over the last couple of years is Cobra Kai, first on YouTube and now Netflix. For those of us who grew up with the Karate Kid - Daniel LaRusso - this show has been a nostalgia trip back to the characters and themes of the original action-comedy movies. But equally the new generation of stars in Cobra Kai should be enough to bring in first time watchers. They're a quirky bunch with good storylines of their own. (The 80s music throughout is also a bonus!)

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