Better internet coming? TPG Telecom triples reach of 5G network

Telecommunications tower

TPG Telecom has expanded the reach of its 5G broadband network, tripling its coverage and allowing the expansion of its 5G core services that do not rely on existing 4G infrastructure. 

The telco first launched its standalone 5G service in parts of Sydney in July, before announcing plans to expand to other major cities and regional hubs. 

You might already have the service. In August, TPG said its 5G network was already serving more than 750,000 devices across more than 700 suburbs. The telco was working to add around 100 5G sites per month, with the goal of deploying 1000 5G sites by the end of 2021. 

TPG Telecom is a large player in Australian broadband, with a customer base of over 2.2 million. Most of the company’s customers are on an NBN plan, but with extensive investment across their own fixed network as well as new 5G infrastructure, TPG hopes to diversify its offerings to Aussie homes.

Broader network service to the suburbs

The upgrade and expansion of TPG’s 5G service means the company will have a greater reach across suburbs and in densely populated areas. Smartphone manufacturers “are expected to start pushing out updates to enable 5G standalone compatible handsets within weeks” in response to the network launch, TPG said.

TPG Telecom says the 5G network will allow them to deliver a range of new services to enterprise customers, as well as offering mobile and fixed wireless plans to home and personal internet customers. 

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