Everything that’s happening as part of Disney+’s September Promotion

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Disney+’s September promotion has started and will continue until 20 September. Find out all about the subscription deals and new content that will be hitting the streaming platform.

What is Disney+ September Promotion?

The Disney+ September Promotion, formally known as Disney+ Day is a promotion held by Disney+ where customers can get great deals when they sign up to the streaming service and lots of much anticipated content will be released to the platform.

This is only the third time Disney+ have run a promotion which discounted the price of the streaming service. The first was held in 2021, coinciding with the second anniversary of the streaming platform.

How much is a Disney+ subscription during this time?

Between now and 20 September, new and returning Disney+ customers in Australia and New Zealand can subscribe to Disney+ for three months for only  $13.99AUD or $14.99NZD.

Normally, Disney+ costs $13.99AUD per month so this is a saving of $27.98AUD!

It’s also a great time to sign up for Disney+ with all the new exciting content set to be released during the Disney+ September Promotion. 

Sign up to Disney+ now and save!

What new content is coming to Disney+?

Here’s a breakdown of the new exciting content coming to Disney+

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