TPG vs. iiNet NBN plans

TPG vs. iiNet NBN plans

So, you want to compare TPG and iiNet NBN plans? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

But before we get started, did you know that TPG actually owns iiNet? Yep! TPG acquired iiNet back in 2015. However, the two brands have continued to run as separate entities ever since then.

On that note, let’s compare the pair and see what each broadband provider has to offer.

TPG vs iiNet: Speed tiers

Below you’ll find a list of all the different NBN speeds typically found in Australia plus, the different NBN speed tiers that TPG and iiNet currently offer:

Typical speed tiers:Available at TPG:Available at iiNet:
NBN 12 (Basic I): 
• Off-peak download speed: Up to 12Mbps
• Very basic speed for lone internet users
NBN 25 (Basic II):
• Off-peak download speed: Up to 25Mbps
• A budget-friendly option for a 1-2 person household.
NBN 50 (Standard): 
• Off-peak download speed: Up to 25Mbps
• Most popular for families or households with 2-4 people
NBN 100 (Fast):
• Off-peak download speed: Up to 100Mpbs
• Very fast speed tier. Suited to big families, gamers or those with demanding internet needs
NBN 250 (Superfast):
• Off-peak download speed: Up to 250Mpbs
• This super-fast tier is newer to the market & requires an FTTP or HFC NBN connection.
• Suitable for small businesses or high internet use households

(Available to businesses)

(Available to businesses)
NBN 1000 (Ultrafast):
• Off-peak download speed: Up to 1000Mbps
• The fastest speed around. However, it requires an FTTP or HFC connection, and only about 50% of HFC connections can manage 1000Mbps.

(Available to businesses)

(Available to businesses)

Compare TPG NBN Plans:

TPG (now merged with Vodafone Hutchison Australia) has a longstanding reputation for offering fast and affordable internet options. When it comes to TPG’s NBN plans, you’ll have the choice between either a six-month contract or a month-to-month contract-free plan.

If you opt for a 6-month contract term, then you’ll have a modem included with your plan and won’t be charged any setup fees. If you wish to cancel your plan before the terms ends, you’ll be charged an early termination fee.

When it comes to no lock-in contracts, there are two options - one which includes a modem and charges a $99.95 set up fee, and one which comes with no setup fees. However, you’ll need to supply your own modem.

Most TPG NBN plans have unlimited data. But you’ll be able to pick between 10GB or 100GB plans if you opt for an NBN 12 plan. If you go over your monthly NBN data allowance, TPG will slow your internet connection for the rest of your billing month.

TPG NBN plans:

Here are some of the different NBN plans available at TPG:

Compare iiNet NBN Plans:

With iiNet, you’ll have the choice of either a contract-free month-to-month plan or a 6-month contract. The month-to-month plan comes with a $0 activation fee, plus the option to add in a dual-band AC Wi-Fi modem for $99.95 (a $10 delivery fee applies).

The 6-month contract option, on the other hand, charges no activation fees and allows you to add in a dual-band AC Wi-Fi modem for $59.95 (a $10 delivery fee applies). Be aware that if you terminate your contract before the term ends, you’ll also get charged a $40 break fee.

In terms of the different NBN connection types available, iiNet offers fixed-line, fixed wireless, and satellite connections.

iiNet offers either 500GB or “Liimitless Data” (unlimited) data options on its NBN plans.

iiNet NBN plans:

Check out some of iiNet’s NBN plans below:

TPG vs iiNet: NBN bundles & extras

If you’d like to get a bit more bang for your buck with your internet, here are some of the different optional extras that you can choose to add to your TPG or iiNet NBN plan.

TPG NBN plan extras:

Here’s what’s on offer in terms of optional extras you can choose to add to your TPG NBN plan:

  • Home phone: With TPG, you’ll have the option to bundle a home phone with your NBN plan. You’ll be able to pay-as-you-go or choose from national and international call options.

iiNet NBN plan extras:

Here are some of the different optional extras you can choose to bundle with your iiNet NBN:

  • Fetch: With an iiNet NBN50 or NBN100 plan, you’ll have the option to add on Fetch TV  for $0 per month ($59.99 setup fee applies). You can then add-on a variety of different Fetch TV Channel Packs, Sports Packages, World TV Packages. Prices vary between packs, so be sure to read the T’s and C’s before applying. 
  • National Call Pack: You’ll also have the option to add a Local, National & Mobile Call Pack to your plan for $5 per month - this will give you unlimited calls to Australian mobiles and standard landlines.
  • International Call Pack: For $10 per month, you can add an International Call Pack to get unlimited calls to landlines in 20 international destinations listed by iiNet.
  • Mobile bundle special offer: When you bundle a mobile SIM with any active internet plan, you could score 120GB of data (40GB, plus a bonus 80GB) for $15 per month for the first six months, then $29.99 per month (internet charges additional). Please visit iiNet’s website for the full terms and conditions.

Compare other NBN plans:

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