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Rhianna Dews

After completing a Master of Journalism and Communication at the University of New South Wales, Rhianna embarked on her own personal finance journey and made it her mission to help other young Aussies on theirs too. As she delves deeper and deeper into the world of money, Rhianna's become aware of the importance in both understanding and taking control of your personal finances, so she's made social media her platform to deliver this message to young Aussies wondering where to start when it comes to money. With her natural spark for creativity, Rhianna's work is proof that finance doesn't have to be so serious! When she isn't helping Aussies save money at Mozo, you'll probably find Rhianna binge-watching YouTube videos, singing or playing with Alfie, her cheeky three-year-old Dalmatian who's convinced he's still a puppy!

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