92% satisfaction: Car owners the happiest consumer group in Australia

Dealerships across the country rejoice! According to the latest research car owners are the most satisfied consumer group in Australia, with an average 92% satisfaction rating.

The extensive survey by Roy Morgan Research into 35 consumer categories, including telcos, bank and supermarkets, revealed car manufacturers to be the leading industry when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Jordan Pakes, Automotive Industry Director at Roy Morgan Research, said that in a market as large as the car industry, it’s essential for manufacturers to keep their customers happy and loyal.

“In today’s ultra-competitive new car buyer market, ensuring your existing customers remain satisfied is the first step towards securing potential long-term loyalty, advocacy and future sales.”

“Brands with large volumes of existing owners would therefore do well to ensure this owner base remains satisfied to increase the likelihood of repurchase,” he said.

Japanese cars proved the most popular with drivers, taking seven of the top ten ranking spots.

Luxury brand Lexus (96%) lead the way, with fellow Japanese manufacturers Mazda (95%) and Subaru (95%) rounding out the top three.

Australia’s highest-selling manufacturer, Toyota, placed 4th overall with a 94% rating (though it’s worth noting that Lexus is a division of Toyota), while the second and third most commonly driven cars, Ford and Holden, both scored an 89% satisfaction rating.

While the study revealed 15 million satisfied car owners, over 500,000 Australians remain unhappy with their current brand of car, and Pakes noted that rival manufacturers need to do more to capture dissatisfied owners.

“Despite these high levels of customer satisfaction in the industry, less than half of all new car buyers have nominated the same make for their next purchase.”

“The right model mix is essential to securing long-term clients by meeting their evolving life-stage and style. Conversely, competitor brands need to understand how buyers’ changing needs and attitudes create opportunities for conquest with suitable vehicles,” he said. 

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