Mozo Experts Choice Awards 2019 - NBN Plans

Congratulations to the winners of Mozo Experts Choice Awards for the best NBN plans for 2019. Whether you’re looking for a plan for general web browsing and movie streaming, you’re a keen gamer or you work from home and want the fastest speeds available, the Mozo Experts Choice winners list is a great place to start your search.

Mozo Experts Choice Awards 2019 - NBN Plans

What are the Mozo Experts Choice Awards?

Now in their sixth year, the Mozo Experts Choice Awards provide a platform to highlight products in the marketplace we believe offer great value to Australians.

For the 2019 NBN awards, 89 retailers of home NBN plans listed on the NBNCo website were compared by our money experts.

“Between data limits, typical evening speeds and set up costs, navigating the hundreds of different NBN plans out there to find the one that suits your needs isn’t easy. So we’ve done it for you,” said Mozo money expert, Peter Marshall.

“Whether you work from home, play online games, or just need to get through a Netflix session without being bothered by buffering, our Mozo Experts Choice Awards can help you make the right call for your needs.”

The best NBN plan for you will depend on your internet usage needs as well as your budget, so there are several categories of awards to help you narrow down your search. To calculate the minimum cost of each plan option, Mozo’s money experts considered the monthly plan cost as well as set up costs, and the lowest cost modem available. For TV package options, the upfront cost of the TV Box was also included.

For details on how we crunched the numbers and determined the award winners see our NBN methodology report or get more info about our judging criteria and read our NBN FAQs. Plan details are shown as at 1 May 2019.


What NBN plan is best for me?

Standard: Suitable for everyday internet use such as email and social media, general browsing and basic streaming.

Standard Plus: Suitable for basic movies & music downloads, gaming, video calls and HD streaming.

Premium: Suitable for small businesses and working from home. Also great for intensive gaming using Steam, Xbox Live, PSN, HD streaming with large upload and download capabilities.

NBN Provider of the Year




Winning a total of 7 awards across a wide variety of categories, Belong was crowned NBN Provider of the Year. Offering no data limits as well as some of the lowest prices around, Belong impressed the judges by winning awards for plans on a contract for all speed levels, plus the Standard Plus speed with no lock-in contract. 

Learn more about Belong NBN plans

NBN No Lock-in Provider of the Year


Tangerine Telecom

Tangerine Telecom

Tangerine Telecom may not be a familiar name yet, but with their great range of plans, we're betting they will become a household name. Tangerine Telecom won awards in 5 no lock-in contract categories, so if you don't necessarily want to commit for a year or two, they're an outstanding option.

Learn more about Tangerine NBN plans

Contract Plans

Unlimited Premium NBN Contract


Unlimited Standard Plus NBN Contract


Premium NBN Contract


Standard Plus NBN Contract


Standard NBN Contract


NBN Contract + TV


No Lock-in Plans

Unlimited Premium NBN No Lock-in


Unlimited Standard Plus NBN No Lock-in


Premium NBN No Lock-in


Standard Plus NBN No Lock-in


Standard NBN No Lock-in


NBN No Lock-in + TV



Frequently Asked Questions


Judging Criteria

The Mozo Experts Choice Awards recognise products that deliver exceptional value or benefits to consumers. They have been running since 2014, and this is the first year that Mozo has included an NBN Plan category in the Awards. Providers don’t pay to be in the running and we don’t play favourites. Our Judges base their decision on hard-nosed calculations of value, using Mozo’s extensive product database and research capacity.

Experts Choice Awards are awarded to the top 10% of products that meet the selection criteria in each awards category.


How many NBN providers did you compare for the Mozo Experts Choice Awards?

Mozo analysed 89 retailers of home NBN plans for the Mozo Experts Choice Awards. Retailers were selected from the list of providers listed on the NBNCo website. Business providers and some small regional providers were not included in our calculations.


Did you compare all plan options available with each provider?

For the Mozo Experts Choice Awards, we compared the NBN plan options based on our key criteria and this is what we highlight on this page. Some of the NBN plans listed will have more options available or allow you to add on more data for extra cost.


How do I choose the best NBN plan for me?

There isn’t one single best or cheapest NBN plan for everyone, but there is going to be a best plan for your needs. This is why we’ve reviewed available NBN plans based on a range of criteria such as whether the plan has a lock-in contract term or not, the amount of data included in the plan, and the NBN speed. We’ve even included a category for people interested in bundling a TV service with their NBN plan.

There are three main NBN speeds worth considering - Standard, Standard Plus, and Premium. The speed that you will need for your home will depend on the number of devices you’ll have, and the things you’ll be doing on those devices like gaming, movie streaming or just internet browsing. At the top of this page, we’ve included a quick summary of each speed to help you determine which NBN plan speed will be best for you.


Why is the evening NBN speed important?

The peak hours of home internet usage are between 7pm and 11pm. As this is the busiest time for the network, the typical evening speed is a much more accurate indicator of how fast your internet will be, rather than the maximum speed available on your plan.


Who are Mozo’s product experts?

Mozo has been researching and comparing products since 2008, and thousands of Australians use our comparison services each month. Our research team is headed by our Data Services Director and our Product Data Manager who have over 60 years of financial services experience and 29 years in online comparison.


Where can I find more information about the criteria for the NBN Awards?

Our NBN awards methodology report is available for you to read, which includes information on the criteria for each award category and a complete list of all the providers assessed.


I work for an NBN provider, how do we promote our award win?

Please get in touch with us to discuss by emailing or phoning our accounts team on 02 9037 4368.


About the NBN

The NBN is the national broadband network currently being built around Australia by NBNCo to provide all Australians with fast broadband and phone services by 2020. NBNCo does not offer internet plans, they are responsible for the network infrastructure and rollout. To choose an NBN plan that will best meet your budget and needs, you contact a phone or NBN retailer (like the ones listed above).