Pet Insurance Awards 2021

A huge congratulations to the insurance providers who took out awards in this year’s Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Pet Insurance. In 2021, we highlighted the best value and best quality pet insurance policies in the industry, and also crowned the Pet Insurance Provider of the Year.

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What are the Mozo Experts Choice Awards?

Now in their eighth year, the Mozo Experts Choice Awards provide a platform to highlight products in the marketplace we believe offer great value to Australians.

For the 2021 Pet Insurance Awards, the Mozo Expert Judges turned their attention to finding the best value policies with the broadest range of features, collecting pricing from 32 pet insurance providers.

"With one of the largest pet ownership rates in the world, it makes sense that Aussies are treated to a wide range of policy choices when it comes to cover for their furry friends,” Mozo Experts Judge Peter Marshall said.   “When choosing a policy, pet owners should consider what kind of cover they want – whether it’s for accidental injuries or broader pet health support – but also find pet insurance that works with their budget,” Marshall said.

“We’ve analysed insurance options across different cat and dog breeds at varied price points to find providers offering the best pet insurance for 2021.”

For a more in-depth look at how we crunched the numbers and determined the award winners, see our Mozo Experts Choice Pet Insurance Awards methodology report or get more info about our judging criteria by reading the FAQs at the bottom of this page.


Pet Insurance Provider of the Year


Knose Pet Insurance Logo


For 2021, our judges awarded Knose as our Pet Insurance Provider of the Year. Offering cover for accidental injury, illness, emergency boarding and chronic conditions, it’s little wonder Knose showed outstanding versatility, which led them to take out awards in both Exceptional Value and Exceptional Quality award categories. With these awards in their pocket, they were deemed the leading national insurance company that achieved consistently strong scores across the majority of the categories assessed. A fabulous feat in all regards!



Queensland's Best Pet Insurance




For Queenslanders, RACQ offers a very competitive set of policies for pet owners in the sunshine state, taking out two awards in Exceptional Value categories, and one in Exceptional Quality.



WA's Best Pet Insurance


RAC Logo


Western Australians looking to protect their pets might want to consider RAC for the top of their list. Taking out wins in both Value and Quality categories and offering overall competitive pricing and policy features, RAC is a worthy winner of our WA’s Best Pet Insurance award.



Exceptional Value Accident Cover Pet Insurance

Accident insurance covers your pet’s medical care needs should the unexpected occur, like being hit by a car, burns, electrocution or snake bites. And with so many pet insurance policies offering varying levels of benefit if you need to make a claim, the judges had a hefty task in assessing how much potential benefit could be delivered for each dollar spent on premiums. One product stood out for being competitively priced across a range of different quotes. And the winner was…

1300 Insurance Logo

1300 Insurance
Accident Protect

Exceptional Value Accident & Illness Pet Insurance

If you’re in the market for a policy covering pet illness as well as accidents, then the winners of this award are worth comparing. To find the best value accident & illness pet insurance policies, the judges considered a large range of commonly covered issues like skin conditions and more serious and ongoing illnesses like cancer or diabetes where vet bills can really add up. In this year’s assessment, five products stood out for their competitive pricing without sacrificing the cover on offer. The winners awarded were…

Knose Logo

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Australia Logo

Pet Insurance Australia

Pet Insurance Com Au Logo
Accidental Injury and Illness

RAC logo

Pet Insurance

RACQ logo

Pet Insurance

Exceptional Value Comprehensive Pet Insurance

For these awards our judges gathered a range of quotes to identify the pet insurance policies that offered the best overall value for cats and dogs without skimping on policy inclusions. Our assessment identified five comprehensive products that are among the most affordable while still providing good benefit levels, and that we think are worthy of being on anyone’s shortlist. Those that made the cut were…

Pet Insurance Australia logo

Pet Insurance Australia
Major Medical logo
Accidental Injury and Illness + Routine Care

RAC logo

Pet Insurance + TLC Cover

RACQ logo

Pet Insurance + TLC Cover

Woolworths logo


Exceptional Quality Pet Insurance

For pet insurance with all the bells and whistles, Mozo’s judges considered 131 policies from 32 insurance companies to determine the highest quality pet insurance options. The five winners below scored better than the rest due to more generous benefits that included features like dental, physiotherapy and CT and MRI scans. The winners were…

HCF logo

Pet Premium + Routine Care

Knose logo

Pet Insurance

Petcover logo


Petplan logo


RAC logo

Pet Insurance + TLC Cover

RACQ logo

Pet Insurance + TLC Cover

Trupanion logo

Pet Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Judging Criteria for the awards?

Established in 2014, the Mozo Experts Choice Awards recognise products that deliver exceptional value or benefits to consumers.

The information collection for this award category  was conducted in July 2021. For a pet insurance policy to be considered for inclusion in these awards, all information must be readily available on the insurance provider’s  website and the policy available to the general public without being a previously established member or customer. Products are considered and awards are made irrespective of a product provider’s commercial relationship with Mozo.

See our Mozo Experts Choice Pet Insurance Awards methodology report for more detailed information on how we performed the price comparisons and determined the final winners list for these awards.

Did you compare all pet insurance policies in the market for these awards?

We collected pricing and cover information for 32 different pet insurance providers. We aim to include most providers in the market in the Mozo Experts Choice Awards. However, not every product in the market will be included in our review.

Where can I find more information about Pet Insurance?

The best place to get all the ins and outs about pet insurance is to read Mozo's ultimate pet insurance guide. It runs you through all the must know information from how pet insurance works to what types of cover are available, what is and isn't included in policies, and how much pet insurance costs.

How do I find the cheapest pet insurance policy for my pet?

The best place to start is by checking out the winners in the Exceptional Value categories. Our experts have crunched the data on a range of pet scenarios and these were the insurance providers and policies that came out the cheapest when compared to similar products.

It’s important to understand that several factors go into determining the cost of pet insurance, such as your pet’s age and breed. So, you’ll still need to compare features and options to find a policy that is right for you and then get quotes to check prices.

What product features or benefits did you consider for the Exceptional Quality Awards?

Our assessment of Quality is based on how well the product scores on a large range of different factors including the nature and extent of the insurance cover, and the inclusion of added benefits. Overall results are weighted towards benefit percentage, annual benefit limit and coverage. The full list of factors considered is included in our methodology report. We relied on product information in each insurance provider’s product disclosure statements (PDS) and on their websites to assess cover and benefits.

Who are Mozo’s experts?

The Mozo Experts Choice Awards are overseen by AJ Duncanson and Peter Marshall. AJ is Mozo’s Data Director. He is a data scientist and actuary, and has worked in financial services and product comparison for over 30 years. Peter has been in the industry even longer, and as Research Manager he leads Mozo’s team of analysts that perform all the analysis behind the Mozo Experts Choice Awards.

I work for an insurance company, how do we promote our win?

Please get in touch with our account management team to discuss promotion options.