Christmas gifts for everyone, even that one person

Collage of two happy Christmas shoppers exchanging holiday gifts.

Shopping for the holidays? Coming up with the best Christmas gifts for mum, dad, friends, siblings, coworkers, and everyone in between – even that one person – can be a headache. But instead of reaching for the Panadol, let’s get the inspiration flowing. 

As a bonus, many of these brands won awards at the 2023 Mozo People’s Choice Awards, which means they’re rated highly for quality, value, or more by your fellow Aussie Christmas shoppers. Some have sales going live with Click Frenzy and Black Friday, too, so let the savings begin.

Here’s the ultimate holiday gift list for everyone. And if you’re feeling spicy, choose chaos.

Gifts for someone who has everything

Collage of someone holding a gift, even though she has everything.

Not sure what to get the person who has it all? No worries. Here are some unconventional gift ideas for this Christmas, including winners from the 2023 Mozo People’s Choice Awards.

  • Anti-virus software. This can be a thoughtful gift for the less tech-savvy. Aussies most recommend NordVPN, Bitdefender, and Malwarebytes
  • Sunglasses. Sunnies can instantly make a statement. You can shop for sunglasses at Oakley, Raybans, and the Sunglass Hut.
  • New suitcase or backpack. Is your person always on the move? A fashionable, sturdy, high-tech, or all-of-the-above backpack can go the distance with them. Aussies voted Flylite, American Tourister, and Samsonite as some of the best brands for luggage. 
  • Smartwatch. Are their wrists bare? Get them a Smartwatch to take calls and track their steps. Aussies recommend Apple and Garmin as the best place to buy them. 
  • Kindle e-reader. Literary people deserve handy gadgets, too! Shout them a Kindle or Kobo e-reader or an Audible subscription. 
  • Air purifier. Truly random, but an air purifier can make a big difference come allergy season. Aussies reckon Samsung and Dyson are among the best in Australia. 
  • Coffee machine. How’s their coffee game? Whether they’re a coffee snob or enjoy a nice brew, a De’Longhi, Breville, or Nespresso machine can brighten their holidays. 
  • Gym clothes. Kitting someone out in sports clothes can be a surprisingly thoughtful Christmas gift. Aussies highly recommend Target, Kmart, and Rebel
  • Meal kit delivery. Subscriptions to meal kits like the award-winning HelloFresh can be a refreshing change of pace to physical gifts. It’s like you buy them dinner every week. 
  • Comfortable pillow. A great pillow is a sleep-saver. Help them have a good night by finding a pillow to suit their needs from Adairs or Pillow Talk.

Gifts for someone who wants nothing

Collage of two people who want nothing for Christmas enjoying ginger bread

Have a friend or loved one who wants nothing for Christmas? With them, it’s the thought that counts. Instead of buying them a generic present, speak their love language. 

Here are low-stress gift ideas for the person who genuinely wants nothing but your love and time.

  • Time together. If this person appreciates quality time, why not buy them something you can do together, like a Lego set or a 1000-piece puzzle? Or if you have that sort of relationship, why not invest in something more intimate from Love Honey
  • Self-care. Everyone likes to be spoiled. If they like words of affirmation, why not buy them a daily calendar with lovely thoughts on each page? If they’re more physical touch, consider a nice shaving kit from the Shaver Shop or a gua sha from Adore Beauty. Encourage them to nurture themselves with these gifts. 
  • Let me shout this. Sometimes paying for a luxury, such as a streaming subscription, can be a thoughtful gesture for someone who likes acts of service. Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video are good standards, but there are some out-of-the-box ideas for streamers. Do they like period dramas and murder mysteries? Britbox. Horror movies? Shudder. Artsy films? Mubi. Vintage? Criterion Collection Channel

Christmas gifts for the office

Office worker decorating the Christmas tree.

Holiday celebrations are an office tradition. So if you have an upcoming office party or a favourite coworker you want to spoil, here are some fantastic office Christmas gift ideas. 

White elephant gifts everyone will fight over

Collage of someone running away with their White Elephants gifts they stole.

Kris Kringle, White Elephant, present swap – whatever you call it, this fun holiday party game requires a gift to get a gift. So here are some fantastic White Elephant ideas everyone will fight over.

Gift ideas for that one person

Collage of that one person relaxing with their Christmas gifts.

Yeah, you know the one. You’re expected to get them a Christmas gift, but what? Here are some universal gift ideas that suit everyone – even that one rando.

  • Board games. 
  • Candy.
  • Funny socks.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Handsoap.
  • Tote bags.
  • Posters. 
  • Fuzzy slippers. 
  • Key chains.
  • Gift card. 

Small, inexpensive, thoughtful gifts usually come from reliable stores like Target, Kmart, or JB Hi-Fi. Let the vibe of the gift recipient guide you

Are they more computer savvy? Buy a cute thumb drive from JB Hi-Fi. Would they adore a pot plant or tea light votive? Kmart. How about a kettle? Everyone needs a kettle – Target. All it takes is a little browsing. 

Need more holiday inspiration? Head to our online shopping section. Don’t forget to make a Christmas saving budget, either!

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