Shoppers set sights on sales: Aussies splurge on Back Friday sales

Mozo found Australia is set to splurge $13.7 billion on Black Friday sales with most expecting delays

25 November 2021

  • 62% of Australians are planning to cash in on Black Friday and other sales and look set to spend an average of $1,100
  • Smartphones (31%), laptops (29%), and headphones (24%) are the most in demand items for male shoppers 
  • Clothes (53%), shoes (31%), and skincare products (29%) are the most in demand items for female shoppers 
  • When browsing Black Friday sales, 50% of bargain hunters will be on the lookout for discounted items and 22% will be chasing down cashback offers 
  • Almost three quarters (74%) of shoppers are concerned that items bought online during sales will take longer to be delivered.

As physical retailers open up after rolling lockdowns research from has found that almost two thirds (62%) of Australians are planning to cash in during the sales season, with half (50%) excited to buy discounted items and almost a quarter (22%) looking out for cashback offers.  

The finding comes as one of the biggest sales events of the year, Black Friday, is only a month away and after the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that the total national retail turnover has declined 25.07% between the months of May and August. 

“With the sales season about to kick off, bargain hunters are getting ready to splash some cash,” says Tom Godfrey, Mozo spokesperson.

In what could be good news for retailers, Mozo found shoppers are set to splurge an average of $1,100 on Black Friday and other sales. 

“Even with retailers set to serve up the sales, whether you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes or a laptop, it always pays to compare prices before your purchase.”

“With Christmas just around the corner and shipping delays on the cards, making the most of the Spring sales could help ensure Santa doesn’t disappoint this year,” Godfrey says.   

It also found almost three quarters (74%) of shoppers are concerned that items bought online during sales will take longer to be delivered. 

When it comes to the items male shoppers will be looking to purchase, smartphones (31%), laptops (29%), and headphones (24%) are most in demand. For female shoppers, clothes (53%), shoes (31%), and skincare products (29%) will be the items most sought after.

Black Friday items in demand

Sale Season Shopping Tips: 

  • Decide on a budget and plan out your purchase so you don’t blow it 
  • Find a buyer's guide with all deals aggregated in one place, and keep an eye on it, as these are usually updated hourly
  • To help curb overspending think about taking advantage of features on credit cards like spending caps and limits per transaction
  • If you're going to use Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) for any purchases, be sure to compare BNPL services and stick to the one provider so you can monitor your spending
  • Be aware of foreign exchange fees and exchange rates when shopping online at international stores
  • Take advantage of extra features that come with some credit cards like purchase protection and extended warranty


Notes:  Mozo commissioned a nationally representative survey of 1,030 Australians conducted by Researcify between 10 September  2021 - 18 September 2021. Retail turnover figures from ABS, Retail Trade, Australia, August 2021: