Jet setters on the hunt for 'covid cover': Australians travellers willing to pay travel insurance with Covid related benefits

Mozo found 69% of eager international travellers are willing to pay for Covid cover if available

11 October 2021

  • More than half (55%) of Australians are ready to pack their bags and embark on an international adventure
  • Australian travellers are set to spend an average of $5,861 in the next 12 months on international travel
  • Over a half (59%) of jet setters reported that they will take out travel insurance, regardless of Covid cover exclusions 
  • Read the fine print of your policy and be clear on where you stand when it comes to Covid cover.

As jet setters look set to be given the green light to resume international travel in the coming months, new research from reveals that over two thirds (69%) of international travellers will be on the hunt for travel insurance policies that are inclusive of Covid cover. 

“After almost two years of rolling lockdowns and border closures, many Australians are eager to take off on an international adventure but with Covid still running wild, taking the time to find the right travel insurance policy could really pay off,” says Mozo Spokesperson, Tom Godfrey. 

Mozo found more than half (55%) of Australians are ready to pack their bags and embark on an international adventure and are set to spend an average of $5,861 in the next 12 months. 

“Even though Covid has been with us for some time, there are currently very few Covid cover options available. It’s clear travel insurance providers will be pedalling hard to offer consumers some level of cover as the pandemic continues to create challenges for the travel industry around the globe,” Godfrey says.

Mozo reviewed a handful of travel insurance policies and found that some providers will deal with the medical, quarantine and cancellation costs if you catch Covid but border closures and additional government travel bans were excluded.

Mozo also found over half (59%) of those who responded that they were looking to travel internationally said they would take out travel insurance, regardless of the additional benefits of Covid related cover. 

"Although there is a particular focus on Covid at the moment, whichever policy you decide on, one of the most important things you can do before taking off is to read the fine print to know where you stand if things don’t go to plan,” says Godfrey. 

Travel insurance tips and tricks

  • Compare travel insurance policies to help ensure you get the best value cover. 
  • Read the fine print to help to make sure your policy covers all your holiday plans.
  • Know where you stand if you catch Covid and you have to pay for an extended stay, cancel flight or quarantine.  
  • Stay across any Government advice around your travel and stop-over destinations. 


Notes: Mozo commissioned a nationally representative survey of 1,670 Australians conducted by Researchify between 10 September  2021 - 18 September 2021.