Mozo Experts Reveal the Best Value 4G and 5G Mobile Plans in Australia in 2024

Lebara, Spintel and Moose Mobile win Mobile Plan Provider of the Year awards after the analysis of 640 different 4G and 5G prepaid and postpaid plans.

6 June 2024

image of woman looking at a phone with lightning bolts coming off it next to a Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Mobile Plans badge

Today, leading financial comparison site has revealed the best value 4G and 5G mobile plans in Australia, naming them as the winners of the Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Mobile Plans 2024.

“As part of the Mozo Experts Choice Awards, our team meticulously analysed hundreds of mobile plans to identify those offering the best value for consumers,” said Peter Marshall, Mozo Experts Choice Awards Judge. 

“With so many different mobile plan options out there, these awards provide consumers with a handy shortlist to start their comparisons, highlighting the most competitive 4G, 5G, prepaid and postpaid mobile plans on the market.” 

The winners of the Mozo Experts Choice Awardswere chosen after the rigorous analysis of 640 plans from 49 providers, considering a range of factors including unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers, introductory and ongoing pricing, and mobile data caps, calculating the total cost over a 36-month period.

Plans were categorised by 4G or 5G compatibility, billing type (Prepaid, Postpaid, Long Expiry), and data usage (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large), as well as looking at international roaming plans, long expiry plans, data sharing plans, data only plans and family plans for Australians looking to bundle and share their family’s combined data allowance.

Lebara Mobile and Moose Mobile were among the standout winners this year, with Lebara Mobile securing victories in four categories across 5G Prepaid mobile plans and was crowned the 5G Prepaid Mobile Plan Provider of the Year. 

Moose Mobile clinched victories in five postpaid categories within the 5G Postpaid mobile plan categories, earning the title of 5G Postpaid Mobile Plan Provider of the Year.

SpinTel was recognized as the 4G Postpaid Mobile Plan Provider of the Year, securing wins across four categories with its diverse range of plans. Additionally, felix excelled in the 4G Prepaid category, offering two award winning 4G prepaid plans.

“Smaller brands excelled in the 2024 Mozo Experts Choice Awards for mobile plans this year, making up 70% of all winners,” said Marshall.

“Many smaller providers are offering excellent plans that can save consumers a significant amount of money, which goes to show how crucial it is to shop around for plans beyond those big-name telcos to get the biggest bang for your buck.”

Mozo Experts Choice Awards Winners

5G Postpaid Winners

  • 5G Postpaid Provider of the Year: Moose Mobile
  • Small Mobile Plan: Moose Mobile 40GB
  • Medium Mobile Plan: Moose Mobile 100GB, Swoop 100GB
  • Large Mobile Plan: Moose Mobile 200GB
  • Extra Large Mobile Plan: Optus Optus Plus Promo Plan, Vodafone Large SIM Only Plan
  • Long Expiry Data Plan: Vodafone $250 SIM Starter Pack

5G Prepaid Winners

  • 5G Prepaid Provider of the Year: Lebara Mobile
  • Small Mobile Plan: Lebara Mobile Medium 30 Day
  • Medium Mobile Plan: ALDI mobile $39 plan, Lebara Mobile Extra Large 30 Day, Telsim 70GB Prepaid
  • Large Mobile Plan: ALDI mobile $49 plan
  • Extra Large Mobile Plan: ALDI mobile $59 plan

4G Postpaid Winners

  • Provider of the Year: SpinTel
  • Small Mobile Plan: SpinTel 25GB
  • Medium Mobile Plan: SpinTel 50GB, TPG Large
  • Large Mobile Plan: Circles.Life 100GB Plan, SpinTel 100GB
  • Extra Large Mobile Plan: Circles.Life 160GB Plan
  • Data Plan: CMobile Blue 22GB - Data Only, SpinTel Data Only - 50 GB, Airtel 180GB Plan
  • Long Expiry Mobile Plan: Kogan Mobile Extra Large

4G Prepaid Winners

  • Small Mobile Plan: E.Tel 30 GB
  • Medium Mobile Plan: felix Unlimited Data Mobile Plan, Lycamobile Unlimited Plan S
  • Large Mobile Plan: amaysim 120GB, felix Unlimited Data Mobile Plan
  • Data Plan: Telsim 20 GB Prepaid Data only, Yomojo Data Only - 100GB

For a full list of winners, including information on how the winners were determined, read the Mozo Experts Choice Awards Mobile Plans 2024 Methodology Report.