Circles Life crushes the cost of living with a mobile plan price freeze

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Alarmed by your phone bill? No wonder! Inflation has hit all corners of the cost of living, from groceries to energy to even our mobile plans. Big providers like Telstra and Optus have been passing along rising prices to customers, but one little guy has decided to take a stand.

This week, Circles Life announced its Big Price Freeze promotion as a cost of living cruncher for frugal Aussies. New customers who join eligible plans between 14 July and 31 August 2022 (1PM AEST) will have their prices locked in at fantastic lows for the next eighteen months.

Read on for more details on this exciting new sale.

‘Big Price Freeze’ from Circles Life

Operating as an MVNO on Optus’s 4G Plus network, Circles Life claims the Big Price Freeze promotion could save customers up to $600 over eighteen months and keep plans 10-40% below average mobile costs. 

“With costs of essentials soaring, the decision from Telstra to increase the price of their plans is a disservice to hard-working Australians and a pretty poor way to reward their loyal customers,” says head of country at Circles Life, Nicholas Demos.

“Businesses should be looking for ways to leverage technology to provide a more cost-efficient and seamless customer experience, so they can pass that onto their customers. We like to think we’re more tech than telco.”

Eligible plans for the Big Price Freeze promotion include:

  • Circles Life 100GB plan: use code FREEZE100 for $15 discount (originally $45/month) for 18 months.
  • Circles Life 30GB plan: use code FREEZE30 for $5 discount (originally $25/month) for 18 months.

MVNOs tend to have less overhead costs than larger networks, meaning they can effectively sell at retail price what the Big Three Telcos sell wholesale. But for customers comparing cheaper mobile plans, deals like these offer prices worth investigating. 

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