Telco More waives plan fees for first three months for CommBank customers

A photograph of a Commonwealth Bank of Australia branch with ATMs and bright yellow signage

Commonwealth Bank of Australia customers in search of a new mobile phone plan are in luck. Australian telco More has partnered with CommBank to offer exclusive savings across a range of their mobile plans. Let’s take a look.

More’s new offer with CommBank

From 1 September 2023 to 29 February 2024 any new customer who signs up for a More mobile phone plan using their CommBank credit or debit card could be eligible for three months of waived plan fees. But it doesn’t end there. 

After the first three months, CommBank customers will continue to benefit from a monthly 10% discount on their mobile plan fees, as long as they continue to pay with their CBA card. 

What’s more, households can even activate up to five mobile services under this promo! 

More bang for your buck with More mobile plans

There’s a huge opportunity to save significant cash on what’s quickly become a necessity for most these days. 

For instance, with More’s 25GB plan, eligible CommBank customers could be up for a saving of $117 over 12 months. Households with multiple mobile users could see those savings multiply. 

Chief executive of More Andrew Branson expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, acknowledging the rising cost of living and pressures stemming from inflation.

“There is no doubt that life is getting more expensive with cost of living worries and inflation at near record highs. This exclusive offer will provide the opportunity for millions of Australians to reduce their telco bills without compromising on service or reliability,” he said. 

More than just savings 

All of More’s mobile plans are no lock-in contract, offer unlimited standard national calls and SMS within Australia, and come with data banking of up to 500GB. 

In the future, data banking of up to 1000GB will eventually be made available for those on the 80GB to 150GB plans. 

More mobile plans all operate on the Telstra mobile network, meaning customers can enjoy mobile coverage that spans 98.8% of the Australian population, encompassing 1.6 million square km of the country. 

To purchase a More mobile phone plan, you’ll need to head over to the carrier’s website and checkout using your CommBank credit card or debit card. But before you make your mind up, make sure you compare mobile phone plans to ensure that a More plan is suitable for you and your needs.