Mozo peoples choice awards 2022

Mozo People’s Choice Awards for Broadband 2022

The Mozo People’s Choice Awards are decided by people like you; real customers who are using these broadband services in their homes and sharing their experience so that they can help you with your purchasing decision. From the 20 broadband providers considered for these awards, here are the ones that came out on top for 2022.

Connection Quality

Excellent Service & Support

Most Recommended

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Broadband award winners

If fast home broadband connection wasn’t already on the list of priorities for Australians before the covid pandemic, working from home, remote schooling and the explosion in streaming services and other online entertainment has certainly made it one now.  

“Australians are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a provider for their broadband connection, but home connection needs have changed drastically in recent years, ” said Peter Marshall, Mozo People’s Choice Awards adjudicator. “People don’t want to settle for second-rate service or speeds in 2022. Most households need connectivity for multiple devices, possibly even smart home technology, there is also a need for fast upload as well as download speeds, and fast connectivity during the day as well as at night.”

“There are at least 20 broadband providers to choose from and our job with these awards is to help identify the providers that are going above and beyond in terms of the areas that matter most to consumers like connection quality and service and support,” he said.

Aussie Broadband logo

Aussie Broadband People’s Choice Awards 2022

Most Recommended Excellent Service & Support Connection Quality Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
Most%20 recommended Excellent%20 service%20&%20 support Connection%20 quality Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction

Aussie Broadband might be one of the smaller players in the broadband space, but that doesn’t mean they are small on delivering value or quality service. A standout winner in the Mozo People’s Choice Awards for NBN broadband since 2019, Aussie Broadband has won itself a loyal and very satisfied customer base. A fully Australian owned and locally operated broadband provider, Aussie Broadband has a range of personal NBN plans to suit a range of budgets and users from standard high speed plans to special plans for seniors and gamers who want low-latency connection night and or day. There are no-lock in contracts or excess data charges to worry about and the Australian-based support team are there to help solve issues fast. 

Aussie Broadband have taken out Mozo People’s Choice Awards honours in all broadband categories for 2022.

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Internode People’s Choice Awards 2022

Excellent Service & Support Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
Excellent%20 service%20&%20 support Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction

Internode has been operating since 2009. Its network has been designed from the ground up and for those that like a bit of tech speak, it is one of the first in Australia with full 'dual-stack' IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. What that means for everyday Aussies is that their broadband internet service is running on the latest technology. Internode has a range of fibre and wireless broadband plans and add on options depending on your needs and budget. You won’t ever have to pay for excess data charges, they simply shape you to a slower speed for both downloads and uploads if you go over your monthly quota. You’ll also have access to local support 7 days a week. 

Internode have been a consistent winner in the Mozo People’s Choice Awards and in 2022 have been awarded for its Outstanding Customers Satisfaction.

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Belong People’s Choice Awards 2022

Connection Quality
Connection%20 quality

Belong is owned by Telstra, so it probably doesn’t come as a surprise why it scored top marks from its customers for connection quality. It has a range of home NBN broadband plans to suit a variety of internet needs, whether it’s for internet and streaming from a single device or HD streaming for multiple devices at once. 

Belong doesn’t charge activation fees and there are no lock in contracts so you have the flexibility to change or switch plans. If supporting a carbon neutral economy is important to you, you’ll be pleased to know that all Belong’s products and services are carbon-neutral certified and have been since 2019. 

This is the second year that Belong has been awarded a Mozo People’s Choice Award for Connection Quality.

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Which broadband providers were considered for the Mozo People’s Choice Awards?

Here’s the full list of broadband providers that were assessed for the 2022 awards :


Aussie Broadband












Southern Phone


Tangerine Telecom





How did you determine the winners for each broadband Award?

We surveyed over 2000 Australians in the broadband awards. In each category, all providers who received at least 30 responses were eligible. The judges then ranked broadband providers in order by average rating, and then determined an appropriate cut-off point to separate winners from the rest. More information can be found in our People’s Choice Awards methodology report.

What’s the best broadband plan?

Just like there isn’t a single best house in Australia, there isn’t a single best broadband plan for everyone. When choosing a broadband plan, you’ll need to consider where you live (and available connectivity), your household’s internet connectivity needs and your available budget. The Mozo People’s Choice Award winners are a good place for you to start your search, as these providers have been rated highly by their existing customers. Also check out our experts and editor’s picks for best broadband plans.