Personal Loan Switch and Save Calculator

There are many reasons to transfer your personal loan to a new provider. Your initial interest rate might have been competitive when you first took out your loan, but how competitive is that rate now?

Compare 247 personal loans in seconds with our speedy comparison engine!

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How to use the Mozo switch and save calculator

Mozo's personal loan switch and save calculator helps you find a great value personal loan. You can input your current loan provider and amount, as well as your standard monthly repayment and then it shows you how much in interest and fees you could potentially save if you were to transfer your personal loan. 

Repayments will vary from person to person depending on which loans you are eligible for, the interest rate you qualify for, and other factors.

Switching to a specific loan?

If you want to compare two personal loan options or are hoping to transfer to a specific loan, try our personal loan comparison calculator. All you need to do is fill in the relevant fields for two different personal loans to see how much you could save.