Mozo's Ratings and Reviews Guidelines

General guidelines:

Your review should be fair and truthful. If you have a crush on a banker or an axe to grind, this is not your forum.

Prizes and incentives are available whether your review is positive or negative. Reviews are judged on quality so sucking up to your bank won’t necessarily snag you a prize!

You must be a customer to write a review, and your review should be an accurate reflection of your experience as a customer and not an attempt to provide advice.

You should not have a direct interest in the institution you are reviewing, such as employees, service providers and significant shareholders, or their immediate families.

Although Mozo may publish your reviews once they've been moderated, we will not endorse your opinions or vouch for their accuracy and authenticity.

Your written commentary should support your numeric ratings and be helpful to other Mozo users. If you don't include relevant and helpful comments, we won't publish your review.

You can review a financial institution in multiple product categories (credit cards, home loans, etc) if you have more than one product with them. You can't write multiple reviews for a single institution in the one product category.

You must provide a real email address – no fake details please. This is for registration purposes only and will not be published on the site. Your details will not be used for any other purposes outside of the competition.

By submitting a review, you agree to our Terms of Use – Ratings and Reviews.

Hints on writing comments:

Keep it short and snappy.

Think about highlighting pros and cons and sharing any tips you have for people who might be interested in this product.

Say it, don't spray it. Offensive language is not accepted here.

Standards please. No slang or ALL CAPS.

Reviews containing unsolicited advertising will not be published.

No plagiarising. Your review must be your own words and not contain content from other sources.

A note about moderation:

Once you've submitted your review, the Mozo team will check it to make sure it meets our review guidelines. As soon as your review has passed the moderation process, we'll publish it on the site and send you an email to let you know it's live. If for any reason your review does not meet our guidelines, we'll notify you by email.

Guidelines for financial institutions:

Mozo aims to facilitate a dialogue between financial institutions and consumers. We offer all financial providers a free right of reply to reviews posted on

You agree not to allow employees, service providers or anyone with a direct interest in your institution to rate your own products as a consumer, even if they legitimately do have a product from your institution.

Please note this is not a forum for general self-promotion. Comments must respond to a specific customer review and we will not publish comments that contain unsolicited advertising. Once we have moderated your response to ensure it meets our review guidelines, we'll publish it on the site.

To register your financial institution for Mozo's free right of reply service, just drop us a line at