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Launched in 2012 and based in Adelaide, ABR Finance provides speciality cash flow solutions to small business across Australia. ABR Finance makes a point of being able to offer finance solutions for small businesses who don’t fit the norm, or have been unsuccessful accessing traditional bank funding.

ABR Finance business loans - what you need to know

Think you could take your business to the next level with the help of invoice financing or a line of credit from ABR Finance? Check out the table below for all the need-to-know figures or read on further for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about ABR Finance, as well as some of the key features they provide.

FAQs about ABR Finance

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How are the interest rates determined?

The interest rate you’ll be offered by ABR Finance depends on the type of finance you’re wanting to take out for your small business, but they generally calculate it on a monthly basis. ABR Finance offers competitive fixed rates starting from 1.85% per month on their Unsecured Line of Credit, 1.80% per month on their Secured Line of Credit and 1.95% per month for their Invoice Financing.

Are there any fees?

Aside from the interest rate, prospective ABR Finance borrowers will only need to worry about one other cost - the $550 upfront fee charged for approved applicants on both the Line of Credit and Invoice Financing. Other than that, ABR Finance doesn’t charge any ongoing, early repayment or exit fees.

How does the application and approval process work?

Interested in one of ABR Finance’s business loan solutions? ABR Finance understands that small businesses often don’t have the time to work through an extensive application and approval process which is why they’ve streamlined their applications to take just 20 minutes. Even better, businesses won’t be twiddling their thumbs waiting for a response, as ABR Finance aim to approve borrowers in just 24 hours and provide successful applicants with funds in as little as two days.  

To start the process, you’ll either need to give them a call or complete a confidential form on their website. 

What do I need to be eligible?

In order to be eligible for an ABR Finance Line of Credit or Invoice Financing businesses will need to have been trading for at least six months. And unlike some business lenders, ABR Finance is happy to help businesses who may have found it hard to obtain finance in the past. That means you may be eligible for a loan even if: you’re not able to provide three years of financial data, you can’t provide real estate as security or you have a blemish on your credit record.

Key features of ABR Finance business loans

Flexible payment options 

ABR Finance is all about providing businesses with the choice they need, which is why they provide loans from as little as $10,000 all the way up to $300,000. And when it comes to paying back loans, ABR Finance is even more flexible, allowing businesses to make their repayments at their own pace. 

Free extra repayments 

Find yourself in a position where you can get ahead on your repayments? No worries, as unlike some business lenders ABR Finance is happy for borrowers to make extra repayments towards their loan at no extra cost. That means you’ll be able to pay off your loan faster (and with less interest)! 

Unsecured lending  

Not every small business has the ability to provide property or another asset as security against a business loan, nor do some business owners want the pressure of having to provide their own homes as collateral. Luckily ABR Finance doesn’t require businesses to with their Unsecured Line of Credit. 

Lending for different businesses 

ABR Finance is happy to help eligible businesses obtain finance even if they’ve struggled to obtain it through traditional bank lending. That includes businesses who are only able to provide limited financial data, businesses with a blemished credit record and businesses who may be in arrears with the ATO.