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With headquarters in Switzerland, TradePlus24 launched in Australia in 2019 with a mission to make funding more accessible to small and medium sized businesses. It’s a specialist lender offering lines of credit at single digit interest rates to help enterprises grow to the next level.

TradePlus24 business loans - what you need to know

Have accounts receivables that are tying up your cashflow? TradePlus24 could have the solution for you. The lender offers debtor or invoice finance, allowing small businesses to access funding on unpaid invoices right now instead of waiting the usual 30-180 days before they come through. 

If you’re interested in learning more, the table below contains a snapshot of key features, fees, rates and processes that come with a TradePlus24 invoice finance: 

FAQs about TradePlus24

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How are interest rates determined?

TradePlus24 promises competitive single digit interest rates that start from 7% p.a., although the exact rate will depend on your business. Interest is calculated on the daily balance of your loan facility, but paid at the end of every month via direct debit. 

What fees are there? 

In addition to the interest rate, there are a few other costs to consider with TradePlus24, including application, legal and facility fees. Upfront fees can add up to 1% of the loan value (or minimum $5,000) while ongoing fees are approximately 1% per year (paid monthly).

How does the TradePlus24 approval process work? 

The first step is to fill out TradePlus24’s free consultation form, after which you’ll receive an info pack and your interest rate. TradePlus24 will then contact you to further discuss your business needs and check your eligibility, and from there you can apply and upload your accounts receivables book. Applications can be done online or over the phone, depending what you prefer. 

TradePlus24 says they expect the standard process from applying to receiving finance to take about two weeks, but once approved funding could arrive in as soon as 24 hours.

What do I need to be eligible? 

To qualify, your business must have an Australian Company Number (ACN) and sell products or services to other companies. TradePlus24 says their funding best suits businesses with an annual turnover of over $3 million

What features should I know about?

Flexible funding 

TradePlus24 understands that no two businesses have the same needs, so they offer lines of credit that range from as little as $400,000 all the way up to $10 million. 

International invoices accepted 

Do you have overseas customers? The good news is, TradePlus24 also provides funding against international debtors. 

Low admin 

Keen to keep the paperwork thin and maintenance as hassle free as possible? TradePlus24’s invoice finance is compatible with accounting software like Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks, making it super easy for your business to grant TradePlus24 access to updated versions of your accounts receivables book. 


If you’re worried about your line of credit being disclosed to your debtors, then you can put your mind at ease with TradePlus24. The lender says they only require your receivables book, not your customer’s, meaning that your customers won't have to notice anything.