Australia’s best income protection insurance policies 2022

Life is full of uncertainty, and over the last two years many Australians have been forced to confront that fact head on.

If you have children, family members or other loved ones who depend on your income, it’s only natural to wonder how they would fare if you were no longer able to provide for them.

Income protection insurance can help keep those worries at bay. While details differ between providers and policies, income protection can cover a certain amount of your pay check for a set period of time if you're unable to work due to illnesses or injuries.

If you're unsure where to start when research and comparing policies, look to the best income protection as crowned in the 2021 Mozo Experts Choice Life insurance Awards.

Our panel of Expert Judges analysed pricing and cover information from 26 insurance providers to find the best value and best quality income protection insurance policies. We’ve listed the winners below, along with a quick overview of one of the most highly acclaimed options.

Income Protection Insurance Award Winners

As part of the judging process, we considered the quality and value of the cover on offer. When assessing a policy based on 'quality', our judges looked for standout features. This included factors like ability to pause cover and premiums, the inclusion of rehab expense cover as well as total permanent disability benefit and spouse benefit.

When assessing a policy's 'value', we collected quotes for income protection policies with 30 and 90 day waiting periods and one-year and two-year benefit periods. Comparing companies that offered the same waiting and benefit period revealed stark differences.

When considering policies offering the best value to customers, RAC Income Protection and NobleOak Premium Life Direct were the standout contenders. But NobleOak couldn't be beaten in terms of quality.

Check out the policy features and inclusions which won NobleOak this dual title, alongside Mozo's prestigious Life Insurance Company of the Year award. 

 NobleOak Premium Life Direct Income Protection Insurance*
  • Mozo's Life Insurance Company of the Year for 2021
  • Insure for up to 70% of your pre-tax income
  • Premium waived in the event of total or partial disability

NobleOak was the main standout in this year’s Mozo Experts Choice Awards, taking out the coveted title of Life Insurance Company of the Year alongside medals in all 6 other award categories. Its income protection insurance was recognised in both Exceptional Quality and Exceptional Value categories, making it the only policy to achieve such a feat. 

When you sign up with NobleOak, you can apply to insure up to 70% of your before-tax income (from $1,500 up to $30,000 per month overall) in case you suffer an accident or illness and are unable to work. You may also be entitled to a smaller benefit if you are partially disabled and return to work in a reduced capacity. There is a benefit period of 2 years, 5 years or to age 65.

NobleOak could also waive your premium if you’re eligible for a Total or Partial Disablement Benefit. Make sure to read over the PDS on the NobleOak website carefully before signing up.

* Terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and sub-limits may apply to any of the insurance products shown on the Mozo website. These terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and sub-limits could affect the level of benefits and cover available under any of the insurance products shown on the Mozo website. Please refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and the Target Market Determination on the provider's website for further information before making any decisions about an insurance product.

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For more information about our awards, as well as the full list of winners across multiple categories, be sure to check out our 2021 Mozo Experts Choice Life Insurance Awards methodology report.