Easy Street Easy Low Rate Visa Credit Card

8.99% p.a.

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Easy Street Easy Low Rate Visa Credit Card Review

Rates and fees information correct as at 22 July 2018.

Review published: 7 December 2016

What's hot:

  • Low 8.99% purchase, balance transfer and cash advance rate

  • Up to 55 interest free days

  • 2017 Mozo Experts Choice Award

  • Low $40 annual fee

What's not:

  • $25 late payment fee

Mozo snapshot:

Easy Street is bringing great value to the table with its Easy Low Rate Visa Credit Card, which boasts the second lowest interest rate on the market to date. It also features a cash advance and balance transfer rate to match, a low $40 annual fee and up to 55 interest free days. So for spenders looking for the convenience of plastic without the high costs, the 2017 Mozo Experts Choice award winner is a hard choice to go past.

Key features:

The Easy Low Rate Visa Credit Card is simple, convenient and cost-effective - just what the budget conscious spender ordered! Its main selling point is the low 8.99% interest rate, which, as the second lowest rate on the market today, is a real advantage.

The card also features up to 55 interest free days on your spending, which makes it a budget-friendly option whether you manage to pay off your bill in full each month or not.

It also comes with a manageable $40 annual fee, a super low cash advance and balance transfer rate of 8.99%, and the option to snag a fee free additional card. There are some other fees to look out for including the $25 late payment fee, $2.50 cash advance fee, and for online shoppers or frequent travellers, the 3.00% foreign exchange margin.

You’ll be able to access your account via internet banking and the Easy Street smart phone app, plus use payWave to make purchases under $100. As a Visa card, this piece of plastic also offers extra security on your spend through Visa’s Zero Liability policy.

Who it's good for:

With a rock bottom interest rate and up to 55 interest free days each month, the Easy Low Rate Visa Card is perfect for any savvy shopper looking for a low rate card without any bells and whistles.

Any catches?

Be sure to steer clear of the $25 late payment fee by setting up automatic payments to cover your bill each month.

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  • 8.99% p.a.

  • none

  • No current offer

  • none

  • 8.99% p.a.

  • 55


  • $40.00

  • none

  • none

  • none

  • $25.00

  • $2.50

  • 3.00%

  • $1.50

  • $0.00

  • $0.00

Other financial bits

  • $20.00

  • 3.0


  • 1

  • none

  • none

About Easy Street

Easy Street is powered by Community First Credit Union, the largest community based credit union operating throughout Sydney and the Central Coast. It has more than $700m in assets, and over 70,000 Members - making it rock solid. Being large means Community First can maintain high levels of reserves to ensure its ongoing viability. Easy Street offers a wide range of financial services including award winning savings and loans. Their advanced suite of services is only available online, which means we can be fast and flexible at all times.

**Saving based on the average difference in fees and charges over 3 years between the most competitive product Mozo can refer a consumer to and the average credit card product input by 6,863 consumers (average balance of $4,262 or balance transfer balance of $5,818, interest rate of 19.6% and annual fee of $36.50) who used the Mozo Credit Card Health Check tool between 1 January 2012 to July 2012.

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