A roaring start for 2020: Globird Energy and OVO Energy enter the NSW market

2020 is off to a roaring start for the energy market, with two new energy retailers launching in New South Wales

Victorian retailer, Globird Energy will now be offering residential electricity and gas plans to NSW customers, promising low rates and prices. 

Bringing along three energy plans: the GloSave plan, EasySave plan and ComboElec plan, Globird Energy are sure to ruffle a few feathers in the NSW energy market, as the total number of electricity retailers continues to climb. 

“When a new energy retailer enters the market, it’s great news for customers because it stimulates competition, potentially driving down prices,” said Mozo energy expert, Nathan Warne. 

Globird Energy are no stranger to delivering top value products to customers. Last year they won three Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards across the Electricity, Solar-Friendly Electricity and Gas categories for delivering exceptional value plans.

“Not only did Globird Energy walk away with three Mozo Experts Choice Awards last year, they’ve been a consistent Mozo Experts Choice Awards winner since they launched in the Victorian market in 2017,” said Warne. 

“Based on their track record, I wouldn’t be surprised if Globird Energy were a top contender for our NSW categories this year.” 

OVO Energy enters the NSW market 

Along with Globird, NSW households will also be welcoming UK-based OVO Energy, who have officially landed on Aussies shores to deliver what they say is ‘energy the way it should be’. 

Unlike your typical energy provider here in Australia, to help you avoid bill shock OVO Energy’s plans work a little differently. They offer a bill smoothing service by splitting estimated annual energy costs into 12 equal monthly payments. 

And even more innovative is that if you wind up using less energy than predicted for the month, OVO Energy will treat you to a credit, where you can then earn 3% interest on the balance! That’s more than some savings accounts in the market right now! 

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