AGL accelerates electric vehicle boom in Australia with new subscription service


Driving around in an electric vehicle (EV) might seem like a long shot for many Aussies because of the pricetag. But thanks to a brand new service from AGL, taking an EV out for a spin has just become a bit more feasible. 

The energy giant will today be piloting its AGL Next Electric Vehicle Subscription Service. AGL Next is the retailer's new initiative for test driving new programs, technology and partnerships for energy and more. 

In order to provide the EV Subscription Service, AGL has partnered with car subscription service, Carbar and EV charging supplier, JET Charge. 

According to AGL, this service is the first of its kind to be offered in Australia. 

“The market for EVs in Australia is continuing to grow but we know many customers may still be reluctant to buy an EV outright due to price, concerns about technological change or access to charging facilities,” said AGL executive general manager Future Business & Technology, John Chambers.

“AGL’s EV Subscription Service eliminates these concerns allowing customers to access the latest technology as it hits the market.”

Those who are eligible for the EV Subscription Service will have access to a range of leading EV brands, such as Tesla, Jaguar, Hyundai and Nissan. 

“It’s a convenient option, with the latest EV model delivered to the customer’s home and at-home charging facilities installed but with the flexibility to swap, upgrade or cancel the service at any time.

“We know customers are becoming more attuned with subscription services which provide all the benefits but none of the hassle - this is the Netflix of electric vehicles.”

Fees, features and more 

Depending on the type of car a customer chooses, subscription payments start from $299 a week and feature no lock-in contracts. It’s worth noting that the service also includes registration, insurance, repairs, roadside assistance and carbon neutral credits. 

Other things to consider include a one-off $800 set up fee, $50 late payment fee and the $150 fee a customer is charged if they choose to cancel their service within the first six months. 

And while the initiative is currently only available to customers within 50km of Sydney and Melbourne, AGL have said there are plans to expand and rework the service so that it can meet the needs of all customers. 

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