Queenslanders can now pocket hundreds of dollars in rebates by switching to energy efficient appliances

Queensland households looking to slash their energy bills in 2018 can now take advantage of up to $300 worth of rebates thanks to the State Government's new Energy Efficient Rebate scheme, which launched on January 1.

A number of appliances with a minimum four-star energy rating purchased after January 1 will be eligible for rebates, including washing machines (up to $200), refrigerators ($250) and air conditioners ($300).

The Queensland Government has committed $20 million towards the scheme as part of the broader Affordable Energy Plan in an attempt to improve energy efficiency and lower household energy bills across the state.  

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“This will put downward pressure on your household electricity bill and also assist in saving the environment,” said Dr Anthony Lynham, Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, in an interview with the Courier Mail

“Just by buying the appliances alone you can save up to $135 a year off your energy bill and this rebate will make it even easier for Queensland households to convert to having these energy-efficient appliances.”

While applications for rebates under the scheme have yet to open, consumers will be able to claim a reimbursement for eligible appliances bought from January 1, though there is a limit of one rebate per household.

Queenslanders who do take advantage of the scheme will also need to remember to keep hold of their receipts, as they will be needed to apply for a rebate.

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Four tips to maximise your household energy efficiency 

1. Twist the dial on your air conditioner

If you do take advantage of the rebate scheme in Queensland by purchasing a new air conditioner, why not add to your savings by regulating the temperature? For every degree you lower the temperature you’ll actually be adding around 10% to the running costs!

2. Keep your fridge full

Believe it or not, a well-stocked fridge retains the cool much better than an empty one - which means a fuller fridge will keep your energy bill and your stomach happy. Also, remember to check the seals on your fridge regularly and to keep it running at maximum efficiency leave the thermostat at 3 degrees for the fresh food compartment and -18 degrees for the freezer.

3. Unplug your electronics once they’ve charged

We’re all guilty of forgetting to unplug our phones and laptops when they’ve finished charging, but did you know that up to 10% of your total power bill could be coming from gadgets that are left on standby? So if you can, pull the plug as soon as they’re charged!

4. Light your home with for less

Fancy saving up to $200 a year on your power bill? Well simply switching out 10 incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent lamps could put hundreds back in your pocket.


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