Australia's Best Rewards Credit Cards of 2016

At Mozo, we're passionate about getting Australians a better deal on their finances and the Experts Choice Awards provide us with a platform to highlight rewards credit card products in the marketplace that we believe offer great value to Australian consumers in 2016.

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Rewards Credit Cards

Best Rewards Credit Card

We compared 116 credit cards with rewards programs from 37 providers to find Australia's best value rewards credit card for a person spending $18,000 a year, the average annual spend on a card in Australia according to RBA statistics. Check out the best rewards credit cards awarded Experts Choice honours in 2016. To compare all rewards cards head to our rewards credit card hub.

Visa and MasterCard
American Express

Best Premium Rewards Credit Card

Mozo compared rewards credit cards in our database to find the top performers for a person spending $60,000 a year on their credit card to highlight the best rewards cards in the market for big spenders.

Visa and MasterCard
American Express

Best Retail Rewards Credit Card

To help shoppers identify the best rewards cards for retail rewards, Mozo compared all rewards cards in our database. Here's the winners based on an annual card spend of $18,000 a year.

Visa and MasterCard
American Express
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About the Mozo Experts Choice Awards

How many rewards credit cards were compared for the awards?

Mozo assessed 116 rewards credit card products from 37 providers for the Mozo Experts Choice Credit Card Awards.

How objective are the awards? Do credit card providers pay to be included?

Our commercial relationships do not have any influence on the awards. All rewards credit cards in our database are eligible and our research team determines winners for each award according to the criteria of the rewards credit card awards category, providers do not pay to be included.

What is the spending criteria for a premium rewards card?

For the awards, we used a $60,000 annual spend level to determine our premium rewards winners. Your credit card spend could be more or less than this and the cards that offer you the best rewards value could differ from our winners list. To determine the best card for your personalised spend level, use our Rewards Revealer tool.

Are bonus points offers included in the awards calculations?

No, we have not included bonus points accumulated for using the credit card at specific merchants or specific categories of spend, introductory offers or special offers.

We have also not assigned any value to instant discounts, insurances, ticketing
and concierge services or other such benefits.

Retail rewards, why is there a separate category for this?

Our Experts Choice Awards are designed to help you, find the best value rewards card for your needs. We recognise that not everyone wants a rewards credit card for airline or flight rewards. The retail rewards category awards the cards that have the best value for people wanting to use their points for shopping or redeeming points for gift cards.

Who are Mozo’s product experts?
Our research team is headed by our Research & Insights Director and our Product Data Manager who have over 50 years of financial services experience and 21 years in online financial comparison.

Where can I find details on the methodology used for the awards?

You can download our methodology report here. This includes all information about the awards criteria, and the methodology used.