September 2020 Financial Checklist

September 2020 Financial Checklist

“Ba-de-ya, dancin’ in September!” Okay, so it’s not the “21st night of September” (yet!), but it’s September nonetheless folks! So say goodbye to winter cause spring is here. And as always, we’ve got you covered with a brand new checklist to get you through the month. Your September 2020 Financial Checklist awaits!

Go for presence over presents this Father’s Day

Still deciding on the perfect gift to get dad this Father’s Day? We’ve got just the thing, and it won’t cost you a dollar … quality time. Call it cheesy, but the best gifts in life really are free. And if there’s one thing this year has taught us, it’s to not take the people you love for granted.

We put so much focus on material possessions but ask anyone who was separated from a loved one during COVID-19 and I bet they’d all agree that nothing bought in a store could fill the void. The thing we all craved the most in lockdown was human connection, something we often took for granted.

So save your money and give dad the present of presence this Sunday 6th of September.

Tie the knot on a tight budget

The spring wedding season is here! But your wedding might look a little different this year thanks to COVID restrictions. If you were planning a big blowout wedding then you might choose to postpone to a later date. But if you don't mind saying your ‘I do’s’ for a smaller audience, then going ahead with it now could potentially save you a tonne.

Invitations alone can cost $10 plus a person. Factor in the $100 or more you’ll pay per head for the reception and that’s a small fortune, especially if you come from a big family. So, the current COVID restrictions might actually work in your favour if you need an excuse to cut down your guest list.

Start saving up for the silly season

Although Christmas is still four months away, it’s never too early to start saving up. Before you roll your eyes, I’ll have you know that this is coming from someone who’s always first to shake their head when shopping centres start putting up Christmas decorations in October.

But given all we’ve copped in 2020, I’d say it’d be wise to start putting away money a little earlier than usual this year. Not to mention, battling the crowds of Christmas shoppers is a struggle at the best of times without the added hurdle of COVID restrictions. Moral of the story: get in early!

Don’t let the ‘gram life send you broke

If you haven’t already tuned into The Finance Burrito Podcast, then now’s the time to go and binge through all our incredible episodes! (New episodes drop every second Monday). Now let’s take a look at the last month’s lot of episodes:

Episode 4: Let’s play with FI/RE

  • Episode 4 kicks off with a discussion around age-based savings goals and how much money you should have saved up before you hit your dirty thirties.
  • Following on, Tom and Liv investigate the hottest new fad in finance FIRE (a.k.a Financial Independence, Retire Early). We then hear from FIRE fanatic Katy Winter who shares her own personal financial journey with FI/RE and low key living, plus insight into how she finds value in priceless experiences.
  • Then finally, Liv and Tom wrap things up by spilling the beans on those controversial Facebook birthday fundraisers where people ask for charity donations instead of gifts.

Episode 5: Is living the 'gram life sending you broke?

  • In episode 5 Tom and Liv slide into your DM’s (figuratively of course) to dish the dirt on how ‘doin’ it for the ‘gram’ has got millennials living beyond their means.
  • Liv sits down with psychologist Christine Bagley-Jones who reveals the different marketing tactics and social media secrets used to entice users to spend up a storm! Plus, Christine even drops a few handy hints on impulse control and how to resist the urge to splurge.
  • Then Tom and Liv dish the dirt on etiquette when stealing subscriptions from friends and family and even expose the subscription thieves in the Mozo office.

Episode 6: Press X to continue the next episode of The Finance Burrito

  • Calling all gamers! In episode 6 we take a look into the world of gaming, how gaming has changed over time and how much Aussies spend on gaming per year.
  • Then we hear from mobile game developer Tom Young who explains what makes a winning game, how developers make money from games, plus, gives us a sneak peek into his latest project Dadish.
  • Next, we get the scoop on what gamer girls look for in a memorable gaming experience and how the gaming industry can take things to the next level for women from gamer and doco-maker Cailleah Scott-Grimes.
  • Then Liv and Tom talk Uber Eats and online shopping delivery fees and how far we go to avoid them.

We drop a new episode every second Monday, folks! Go stream The Finance Burrito Podcast on your favourite streaming app today!

Give your finances that Virgo tick of approval

Happy Birthday hard-working Virgo! Earlier this year the Mozo magic 8-ball revealed your planetary forecast for 2020 to be sunny with a chance of money!

Now, being the most organised sign of the zodiac, we probably don’t need to remind you but if you have seen a boost to your bank account (not yet? Keep waiting, it’ll come!), then don’t forget to make a few small tweaks so you can score the most bang for your buck.

By this we mean chuck those extra dollars into a high-interest savings account or term deposit where you can rake in some extra interest. It’s all about being smart with your money Virgo. 

And that’s a wrap! We look forward to seeing you back here next month for your October Financial Checklist. For now, go and browse through our life and money hub!