The fitness hack that’ll cost you less than $5 a week

Ok, so you let your new year fitness action plan slide a little bit in January, well there’s no time like February to ramp it up so you can reach your 2020 goals - and best of all, you can do it on a budget! 

According to a recent Mozo survey on average, some Aussies are forking out up to $86.40 per week on fitness programs, a total of $4492.80 per year. 

However, other money-savvy exercisers are choosing to use fitness apps for their workouts instead, which proved to be the most affordable option, costing a low $4.40 per week (That’s less than a green smoothie!) 

Mozo compared over 85 different fitness programs in Australia, and crunched the numbers on the ongoing and upfront costs of these activities. 

Things like fitness apps, hiking and rowing came out as the cheapest fitness options, while cycling classes, barre/pilates classes and dance classes were the most costly. 

“Many people start off the New Year with great intentions of getting into shape, but this could be a costly commitment if your enthusiasm doesn’t last all year long. “It’s a great time to do some extra research into the overall costs before signing on the dotted line,” Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont said. 

“Fitness apps came out on top, costing just $4.40 a week. They are a great simple way to have an on-demand personal trainer in your pocket. Most of the apps require minimal equipment that is available at discount stores or you can improvise with items from around the house.” 

Fitness costs 2020

Tips for staying fit on a budget in 2020 

  • Make use of local parks  - other than running paths, many local parks have free outdoor equipment, so why not develop your own training circuit and put it to good use!t 
  • Use Youtube - there are plenty of fitness videos that are free and can be a great guide to for your workout 
  • Run with friends or go solo - whether it’s a work organised event or just a social meet up, why not jog with mates to make it a little more fun. Or if your friends don’t like to run, there are plenty of free running clubs around, like Park Run which host free weekly 5km runs around Australia 
  • Make your own equipment - instead of forking out for expensive weights, why not use homemade alternatives like bottles filled with sand or use benches and chairs for resistance training. 

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