Australia’s most highly rated insurance companies in the 2023 Mozo People's Choice Awards

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Ready to renew your insurance policy? Not so fast! Letting your coverage tick over while your premium increases may not always get you the best value. But which policies could be better? That’s where the 2023 Mozo People’s Choice Awards come in.

Every year, Mozo asks your fellow Australians for their genuine opinions on everything from the banks they trust to the insurance providers they rate the highest. 

This year, over 3,000 surveyed Aussies gave their thoughts on dozens of different home & contents and car insurance providers, rating them based on customer satisfaction, service, trustworthiness, claims experience, sign-up experience, and whether they’d recommend them to friends and family. Winners in each category were then crowned with a Mozo People’s Choice Award.

Curious to see this year’s champion providers? Here’s a quick roundup.

Best car insurance winners for 2023

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Out of 52 car insurance providers, only nine made the cut at this year’s Mozo People’s Choice Awards. Even better? Most won at least two awards. 

This year, Apia made a clean sweep, taking home a win in every category: Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Excellent Customer Service, Highly Trusted, Sign-Up Experience, Excellent Claims Experience, and Most Recommended. Hard to fit six crowns in your back pocket! Luckily we’re taking the car. 

Runner-up for most wins was RAA, who took home five shining awards such as Outstanding Customer Satisfaction and Excellent Customer Service. These virtues also meant they are Highly Trusted and Most Recommended, with an Excellent Claims Experience to boot!

Next up were RACT and Shannons, who both won four times, including for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Most Recommended, and Sign-Up Experience. 

RACQ won three times, taking home a Most Recommended ribbon, while NRMA, RAC, and GIO each won twice. 

GIO’s wins in particular will pair nicely with their five 2022 Mozo Experts Choice Car Insurance Awards, including the title Quality Insurance Provider of the Year. Not too shabby! It’s great to know they’re popular with both experts and customers alike. 

Last but not least, Coles nabbed a win for Excellent Claims Experience. Nobody wants a hassle when their car’s been totalled, so this ain’t nothing to honk at.

Best home & contents insurance winners for 2023

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There were ten home & contents insurance winners this year, and better still, many awardees won at least four. 

Once more, Apia came out on top with a clean sweep of all six categories, taking home awards for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Highly Trusted, Excellent Customer Service, and easy claims and sign-up processes. Definitely a no-brainer for Most Recommended, too!

Hot on their heels were RAA and RACQ, who each nabbed five crowns at this year’s awards, with excellent overlap for customer service, trustworthiness, easy sign-up, and Most Recommended. 

Another top contender was NRMA, which won a spectacular four times in categories such as customer experience and easy claims process. No wonder they were rated Highly Trusted, as well!

Finally, there’s a tremendous group of one-off victors that each provided something unique for customers to check out. RAC stood out with its Highly Trusted and Most Recommended wins, while RACV, Youi, RACT, and GIO each won individual crowns in a variety of categories.

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For a full list of winners, visit our 2023 Mozo People’s Choice Awards page. There, you can also find a copy of our methodology report to see how we did it.

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