The ‘Netflix’ of car insurance: How ROLLiN' is changing the Aussie car insurance landscape

Woman with Poncho car insurance smiling as she sits on the window of her car thinking about sustainable transport.

Over the last year we’ve seen some pretty massive changes to the way we live, work and socialise. Luckily for Australian drivers trying to manage car insurance premiums as the cost of living climbs, there’s an insurance provider who’s been offering simple, flexible service from the get-go.

ROLLiN' car insurance launched in 2019 and is backed by one of Australia's largest general insurance company, IAG. This exciting new player operates in a similar way to a subscription-style service like Netflix or a pay-as-you-go mobile plan, providing insurance cover that you can cancel at any time. 

ROLLiN' customers sign up to a monthly car insurance policy that’s renewed as each new month rolls around. This way, if you find yourself in a situation where you won’t need car insurance for a certain amount of time – like if you’ve got your car parked in the garage during a lockdown or if you’re away for a few months – you can cancel your cover without penalty and pick it back up when required.

There's also no additional fees for being a young driver (which ROLLiN' consider to be under forty), and you can add up to 10 drivers and cars on your one policy. Great for those whose mates come to stay and use your car!

At the moment, ROLLiN' only offers comprehensive car insurance and it doesn’t come with optional extras at an additional cost like most other car insurance policies.

ROLLiN’s commitment to sustainability and EVs

When it comes to the sustainable future of transport, electric vehicles (EVs) represent the green road forward for independent travel.  

However, it isn’t always easier or cheap to insure electric vehicles. As a general rule, insurance pricing increases with perceived risk. The less knowledge an insurance company has about something, the more they may see it as a potential risk.

So, since many providers don’t understand EVs as well as they do traditional combustion engines, they often increase EV premiums.

Instead of shying away from the EV market, ROLLiN' is making it their mission to provide tailored and affordable insurance options to people driving electric-powered vehicles. They’ve identified potential for growth in this area and have become dedicated EV insurance experts through collaboration with providers like Tesla.

While EVs have obvious mechanical differences to petrol-powered cars, ROLLiN' insurance incorporates these requirements into the policy. You’ll find electric car batteries, charging cables, wall boxes and adapters are all covered against standard damages such as accidental collisions, fire, flooding, vandalism and theft.

And you won’t need to stress if you’re leasing the equipment, as ROLLiN' will cover this too (unless it’s related to someone getting hurt if they trip over a cable). 

Keen to learn more about this company shaking up the car insurance game? Check out ROLLiN's car insurance policy details below.

Rollin' Comprehensive Car Insurance*
  • Hire car cover after theft & not at fault accidents
  • New-for-old car replacement (with conditions)
  • $0 excess for windscreen cover

With ROLLiN' subscription-style car insurance, you could get new-for-old cover, meaning if you’re in an accident that’s covered by the policy and your car is written-off, your car could be replaced with a new comparable model (so long as the car has only driven under 15,000km).

ROLLiN' could also cover $500 in emergency repairs, up to $1,000 for baby seats in the car, and $1,000 to replace stolen keys. There are no additional fees for young drivers, score!

Plus, if ROLLiN' accepts the claim there is up to $80 a day coverage for you to hire a car (for a maximum 21 days) while yours is out of action after a theft or an accident where you were deemed not at fault.

There’s a standard $800 excess to keep things simple at claim time, but if your windscreen or window glass is damaged you won’t have to pay any excess. ROLLiN' says they offer this as standard since fixing windows can often cost less than the excess.

Just remember, there is an additional $3,000 unlisted driver excess. So be sure to only let people who are listed on your policy drive your ride, or you may have to pay this larger sum if you make a claim for when they were behind the wheel.

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