International money transfer resources

Country guides for transferring money internationally

Not every country around the world has the same options for transferring money overseas so it’s important to read up on all the essential info you’ll need before you spend time comparing providers and exchange rates. Scroll down to your country of choice now or become a global money transfer expert and read our guides one by one.

How to send money overseas

Whether you need to send money to family living outside Australia, pay business suppliers or buy an overseas investment property, you might be wondering just how to transfer money overseas.

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Send money to China

According to the World Bank, China is one of the top receiving countries for money transfers, with Australia one of the big contributors. The number of Australians investing in Chinese businesses and property is on the rise and there continues to be a large influx of Chinese people migrating to Australia. Therefore there are many reasons to send money to China, including:

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Send money to Denmark

If you’re buying property in Denmark, doing business or have family and friends that live there, there’s probably a time where you need to do an international money transfer. Whether a one-off transfer or regular, we’ll guide you with quick how-to tips to get you on your way. Take a moment to read on how we can help you make an international money transfer work for you. 

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Send money to Europe

Well those fancy French crepes aren’t going to make themselves! What are you waiting for? Send your le tante some euros spontaneously, and she may even send you a classic French crepe in the post! Ok, maybe not ideal, but isn’t it nice that you have the freedom to convert Australian dollars to euros anywhere in the Euro Zone, any time you want?

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Send money to France

You can’t blame any friends or family who have packed up their lives to move to France, be it for pleasure, studies or business purposes. Who wouldn’t want to live in a country with a rich cultural history, delicious cheese and wine and speak the language of love!

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Send money to Germany

Thanks to this modern world with live in, sending money to Germany is a relatively stress free and economical exercise. With advances in technology, there are many easy and convenient ways to transfer money and many purposes for sending funds to Germany such as – to support friends or relatives living there, pay for school or university fees, to purchase goods and services for your business or to pay royalties and wages. Whatever your purpose for making an international money transfer to Germany, make sure you take the time to compare and analyse exchange rates and fees before booking the deal. You want to ensure you receive as many Euros as possible for your Australian dollars.

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Send money to Greece

The economic situation in Greece is pretty grim to say the least; most recently it made headlines all around the world when the country admitted it was in a severe debt crisis. The situation was so serious that many international money transfer providers and banks suspended transfers to Greece. Now it’s back to ‘business as normal’ for most foreign exchange providers, so you can resume sending money to Greece cheaply and conveniently. Here’s a list of personal and business reasons for making an international money transfer to Greece:

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Send money to Hong Kong

There’s a huge community of expats living in Hong Kong, with over 90,000 Australians residing there. Australia’s business ties with Hong Kong are also profound, so there are plenty of reasons why we would need to send money there. You may have to make a money transfer to Hong Kong to purchase goods and services for your business, after all the cost of labour is cheaper over there. Maybe you have relative living in Hong Kong and you want to send them money for their birthday. Whatever the reason for transferring money to Hong Kong, there are plenty of foreign exchange specialists who will send your money in a safe, secure and cheap manner.

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Send money to India

In 2011-2012, Indians were one of the largest groups of permanent migrants to Australia. With Indian citizens flocking to Australia, there are many personal reasons why people would need to transfer money to India. These reasons would include: Sending money as a gift to friends and family, help out a relative in a medical emergency, supporting family by paying bills, school fees etc.

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Send money to Italy

Mozo is straight up about how transferring money to Italy can be really easy and quick to do. We pride ourselves in knowing a whole lot about money matters, so just by living right here, right now, you know as much as we do that money certainly does matter – especially when it comes to making an International Money Transfer.

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