Send money to UAE

If you’re making a career move and migrating to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a while, buying property there could be on the cards. Alternatively if you’re doing business or have family and friends that live there, you may one day want to do an international money transfer.

One-off transfer or regular, Mozo’s IMT guide will give you a quick read on how to go about making a transfer overseas. Here you’ll find great tips on how you can make an international money transfer work for you.

If you want to transfer money to Emirati or Emirates Dirham for your next holiday to UAE, then it’s a good idea to visit Mozo’s Travel Money section and read up on everything you need to know about the best travel cards and exchange rates.


How do I actually transfer money to the UAE?

The number one rule to getting started is to have your recipient's bank ID numbers and their account details ready. Without these, you won’t be able to make a transfer. Next, work out how much you want to send. Thirdly, choose between a bank or Special FX. Special who? Read on to find out more:

Financial Agent Type Pros Cons
Where most people safely keep their money protected.
Names and brands that you use and trust. Higher transfer fees than other IMT providers. Limited service - only available during business hours.
Specialist FX
Or Foreign Exchange Specialist transfer funds and exchange foreign currencies everyday. Companies like: CurrencyFair, HiFX, OzForex etc
Quick and safe international money transfer, costs less than banks. More flexible - transfer funds 24/7. Since currencies change everyday, trading Australian dollars for Dirham may vary from one day to the next.

International Money Transfer Tip:

Want to double check if the BIC or SWIFT code is correct? Visit to double check your numbers if you’re uncertain.

Is wiring money to the UAE risky?

Absolutely anything and everything you do online can be pretty risky if you don’t take precautions. Before transferring money online, shopping, posting updates on social media pages or doing your regular online banking, you need to:

  • Install the latest anti-virus software like McAfee
  • Download the latest updates your PC or mobile.
Having these on your PC or mobile protects your personal information, allowing you to enjoy the flexibility of enjoying all your online freedoms.

Can I make a one-off transfer?

Not a problem. You can make a one-off transfer, and you can make multiple IMTs. For any reason. The amount of times will be completely up to you and your personal situation.

How do I compare IMT providers?

Like most, you’re super busy, so we’ve gone ahead and compared as many IMT providers for you.

Your overall fee will depend on the rate you secure. If you’re transferring a small amount, then the charges may not startle you too much. If it’s a large sum, then you’ll appreciate securing the smallest rate available. But there are more than just rates to consider. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to look out for:

  • Limits: Some IMT providers have minimum amounts that you need to meet, others don’t. Weigh up minimum transfer amounts vs percentage rate versus fees to see what suits you more.
  • Rates: As already mentioned, the smallest difference between rates can actually make an impact on the overall fee you pay, especially when you’re transferring a large amount.
  • Transfer speed: Some IMT providers will promise immediate transfers and others may promise up to 8 days. The real transfer time depends on many factors. You can be certain that funds will take probably 3-5 business days to clear before your recipient can use the money you transfer.
  • Fees: There are some IMT providers who will charge anything from zero to big bucks to start the currency exchange process. You want to minimise the costs of transferring money to another country where you can. Take your time to understand who’s offering the best overall deal.
  • Online vs phone or in person: Online, is key. Especially when it comes to saving money on fees when making an IMT. You also have unlimited flexibility as this service is available 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.

How do I set up an international money transfer?

Have you decided which path to take yet? Online, in person or over the phone? Working this out first, will determine your best next steps.

  • Will you be logging on to your online bank account or app?
  • Visiting a branch?
  • Filling out a form online?

Whichever way you choose to transfer money to UAE, some crucial bits of information you’ll need for a successful transfer include:

  1. Full name and address of the recipient’s bank
  2. Recipient's name, address and account name
  3. Account number or International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
  4. SWIFT/BIC code of your personal account you're transferring funds from
  5. Amount you would like to send.

IMT must-know terminology

BIC - Bank Identification Code
SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
IBAN - International bank account number
Recipient - The person or party who receives the money being transferred
IMT - International money transfer
IMO - International money order.