App-solutely Fabulous: Experts reveal the Best Mobile Banking Apps in Australia

Westpac Awarded ‘Best Banking App In Australia’ By Mozo Experts After The Rigorous Analysis Of The Functionality Of 76 Digital Banking Apps.

27 June 2024

image of mozo experts choice awards badge for best mobile banking app with logo of Westpac - the overall Winner in Australia next to image of piggy bank in a smartphone

Today, leading financial comparison site Mozo is excited to announce the winners of the 2024 Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Banking Apps recognising the banks delivering exceptional mobile banking app experiences that help Australians better manage their personal finances.

“The Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Banking Apps are an annual benchmark for honouring excellence in mobile-banking solutions, highlighting innovation, accessibility and customer-centric design,” says Peter Marshall, Mozo Experts Choice Awards Judge.

“As we transition further into the digital-first banking landscape, providers are continuing to invest heavily in the development of advanced banking apps that empower consumers with seamless and secure banking experiences.”

“The key for providers looking to be competitive in banking in future will be heavily dependent on enhancing customer engagement through user-centric design and cutting-edge functionalities.”

The Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Banking Apps 2024 analysed mobile banking solutions from 76 different banking app providers to identify those that offered the best features and security for Australian consumers.

Experts reviewed banking apps based on a comprehensive set of criteria that encompassed advanced transaction management capabilities, stringent security protocols with biometric login options, seamless integration with popular payment systems, and accessibility to customer support services.

Westpac took home top spot, winning Australia’s Best Banking App for 2024, awarded for its user-friendly interface and robust feature set that elevated customer convenience and security, while providing a host of features for its banking customers that surpassed the competition.

“Mozo’s rigorous analysis ensures that only the most advanced banking apps receive recognition, and this year’s winners have demonstrated outstanding capabilities in enhancing user experience and functionality,” says Marshall. 

“Westpac’s banking app delivers a superior mobile banking experience that empowers users with intuitive controls and comprehensive insights, setting a new benchmark in mobile banking. 

“The app covers most of the bases you'd look for such as notifications, card management functions and smart merchant identification, but also some less common features such as the ability to re-categorise your transactions."

"The St.George Group of brands, CommBank, ANZ Plus, and Up were also highlighted as exceptional in the awards, as all providers offered advanced tools and an intuitive customer experience that makes digital banking a breeze for Aussies looking to manage their finances on the go."

The Best Banking Apps in Australia in 2024

Australia's Best Banking App: Westpac

"Westpac's app excelled in offering the richest set of features, providing users with superior visibility and control over their banking needs," says Marshall. "From robust security measures to intuitive transaction management, Westpac's app exemplifies innovation in enhancing customer satisfaction."

Exceptional Banking Apps: 

  • ANZ Plus: "ANZ Plus impressed with its seamless integration of digital banking features, setting a high standard for user experience,” says Marshall. “The seamless integration with popular payment systems and strong customer support options clearly differentiate the ANZ Plus app from the standard ANZ app.”
  • Up: "Up's banking app stood out for its innovative approach, focusing on user-centric design and simple functionality,” says Marshall. “This app definitely caters to those who appreciate aesthetics, with a video-game like interface that has the potential to redefine the digital banking experience."
  • Westpac regional brands BankSA, Bank of Melbourne and St.George: "The Westpac regional brands’ banking apps demonstrated that one banking group can be a top performer across multiple brands,” says Marshall. “Each banking app uses the same innovative technology to provide banking customers with an intuitive digital banking experience to suit a diverse customer base.”
  • Commonwealth Bank: "Commonwealth Bank's banking app provides a variety of user-friendly features, highlighted by its excellent budgeting tools," says Marshall. "These tools simplify on-the-go money management, offering a unique advantage for users seeking intuitive control over their finances."