80% of Australia’s Best Value NBN and 5G Broadband Plans offered by Smaller Retailers

Flip named Broadband Provider of the Year in the Mozo Experts Choice Awards 2024 after experts analysed 258 broadband plans from 56 providers.

6 June 2024

Woman looking confused with broadband wifi line graphics next to Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Broadband Plans badge

Leading financial comparison site has today announced the winners of the Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Broadband Plans 2024, naming the NBN and 5G home internet providers offering the best value plans for Australian households.

“The winners of the Mozo Experts Choice Awards were chosen after the rigorous analysis of hundreds of different broadband plans from dozens of retail providers,” said Peter Marshall, Mozo Experts Choice Awards Judge. 

“Mozo’s analysis of broadband plans has gone beyond just the basic costs, looking at the ongoing pricing, intro discounts and additional features to ensure the winning plans offer the best overall value for consumers.”

Mozo Experts Choice Awards judges reviewed 258 NBN and 5G broadband plans from 56 providers, calculating the total cost including set-up fees, ongoing monthly charges and introductory discounts over a 24-month period.

Where price varied depending on the delivery technology Mozo experts collected data on fibre-to-the-node and fibre-to-the-curb connections as the cheapest and most representative options available to the majority of consumers.

Broadband plans were categorised by speed tier (Standard, Standard Plus, Fast, Super Fast, Ultra Fast) and type (NBN, 5G Home Broadband), to ensure that consumers had a comprehensive view of the best value home internet plans, with winners awarded across speed tiers and broadband types.

Flip was among the standout winners this year, securing victories in four categories and awarded the top accolade of Broadband Provider of the Year for the third consecutive year. 

Spintel, Superloop and Exetel also won multiple awards across various broadband categories.

“80% of the broadband winners were awarded to smaller brands, highlighting the importance of shopping around and considering providers outside those big household names,” said Marshall. 

“With the cost of living on the rise, these awards play a crucial role in guiding consumers towards the most affordable NBN and 5G  broadband plans, so Aussies can get the best deal on their home internet”

Mozo Experts Choice Awards Winners

  • Broadband Provider of the Year: Flip
  • Standard Plans: Exetel Everyday NBN, Flip Premium, Spintel NBN 25
  • Standard Plus Plans: Accord With Officeworks Fast, Flip Family, Kogan Silver, Tomi Home Standard (no contract and contract)
  • Fast Plans: Accord With Officeworks Super Fast, Flip Turbo Boost, Kogan Gold, Spintel NBN 100
  • Super Fast Broadband: Exetel Superfast NBN, Flip Super Speed, Southern Phone Superfast, Spintel NBN 250, Superloop Superfast, TPG NBN Home Superfast
  • Ultra Fast Broadband: Southern Phone Ultrafast, Superloop Lightspeed, TPG NBN Home Ultrafast, Fast Plus Broadband, Exetel Power NBN, Superloop Power Home
  • 5G Home Broadband: iinet 5G Home Broadband Plus (50 Mbps), Spintel 5G Home Broadband (TES 240 Mbps), TPG 5G Home Broadband Premium (100 Mbps), TPG 5G Home Broadband Plus (50 Mbps)

For a full list of winners, including information on how the winners were determined, read the Mozo Experts Choice Awards Broadband Plans 2024 Methodology Report.