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Bank accounts are places to store and access your cash. Unlike a savings account, a standard bank account usually won’t accrue interest as these are meant to function as everyday transaction accounts. Are you looking for your next student bank account? Check out and compare some of the providers below. 

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What are Student Bank Accounts

Student bank accounts are geared towards student depositors and as such tend to offer low or no fees for full time tertiary students. These accounts are usually tailored to meet the unique financial needs and situations of students as they will generally not be working full time. 

Student Banking apps, debit, and digital cards

Generally speaking, most modern banks will offer an app alongside opening a bank account with them. The advantage of banking apps is that they allow you to manage your money and, quite often, allow you to move money to your savings accounts or utilise automatic transfers. 

Banks will also usually offer debit cards that connect to your bank account when you open your account with them. Nowadays, you also have the option of also adding a digital card to allow you to make payments using your phone or smart watch. 

Things to consider when opening a student bank account

While there are many banks that offer student centric bank accounts, it’s important to check what they offer so that you can open an account with the provider that works best for you. Some of the things to consider are:

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