All you need to know about Netflix’s crackdown on account sharing

group of friends watching Netflix

Netflix has been threatening to crackdown on account sharing since last year, especially as it believes 100 million people are password sharing.

This week, Netflix finally unveiled a plan to stop people from sharing accounts by updating the “Sharing your Netflix Account” help centre page on its website.

In this update, Netflix said that an account should only be shared between people who live together under one roof. It plans to implement methods to stop sharing between people from different households.

Account sharing outside of the same house? Netflix has an eye on this

Netflix explains that it will be using information such as IP addresses, device IDs and account activity to determine where the primary household is based on the most used wifi network.

Netflix explains that “when a device outside of your household signs into an account or is used persistently, we may ask you to verify that device before it can be used.”

To keep your account verified, you need to “check in” to Netflix while logged onto your home wifi network every 31 days.

If you watch Netflix on multiple devices, be sure to “check in” on all of them at least once a month to avoid ongoing hassles. (Netflix defines “checking in” as connecting to your home wifi, opening the Netflix app and watching something).

These new restrictions will be implemented soon, says Netflix.

Who will be impacted by Netflix's rules?

The new rules will certainly make it difficult for some people to continue sharing an account.

Despite the most obvious situation, such as sharing with their friends, people in unique cases might also feel the pinch. For example, kids who are away at school or university or long distance couples who don’t see each other for long periods of time will likely be impacted.

According to Netflix, people in these scenarios should have their own accounts because they are not living under the same roof.

What if you’re travelling and want to watch Netflix?

If you’re away from your primary address for less than 31 days, you shouldn’t have to verify your device. However, if you’re away for a longer period of time, you may have to request a temporary access code which will allow you to continue watching for seven days.

Obviously, this won’t work when people travel for longer periods of time.

According to Netflix, if your account is blocked when you don’t believe it should have been, you will need to contact the company directly.

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