Top internet plans that come with free streaming subscriptions

Are you a super streamer? If so, you might be looking for a new home internet plan.

Well, you might not have realised that some internet plans come with access to a streaming service. For example, the Optus Plus Family Entertainer NBN plan comes with a free Netflix Standard Subscription.

Arguably, the most important factor when choosing is getting the best bang for your buck. So if you want to get the most out of any plan, consider choosing one that gives you similar access to a free streaming platform.

Let's get into some of the top options below!

(T&Cs apply when it comes to each specific internet plan and access to their special deals.)

Which internet plans come with free subscriptions?

Optus Plus Family Entertainer NBN:

  • Comes with a free Netflix Standard Subscription

Origin Broadband 

  • Various Origin Broadband plans come with 12 months of Paramount+ (offer available until 14 June.)
  • Plans include: Origin Everyday NBN25, Experience NBN 50, Enthusiast NBN100 and Super Fast NBN250 


  • Various Telstra plans come with 12 months of Kayo Basic, 2 months of Binge, 3 months of Apple TV and 4 months of Spotify Premium. 

Find out more about plans that come with free subscriptions below.

Keep in mind that there are also often good discounts on NBN plans, so be sure to look out for those. You can check out our guides for more: Where can I get a discount on NBN50 and Where can I get a discount on NBN100 right now. Otherwise start comparing some of the leading home internet plans below.

Broadband plans

Optus Plus Family Entertainer NBN
  • $89 per month for the first 6 months, then $99 per month (minimum total cost $89 for the first month)
  • Unlimited data and 50Mbps typical evening speeds
  • Free Netflix standard subscription.
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Last updated 25 July 2024