TPG Telecom to expand its own FTTB network rivalling NBN

Fibre optic telecom cables

Internet service provider TPG Telecom has signed a new wholesale agreement that could see up to 40 new retailers start selling plans on their Fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) network.

TPG’s network connects more than 240,000 premises across high-density apartment buildings to rival NBN Co’s offerings.

TPG’s network covers apartment buildings across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and other metro areas, offering download speeds of up to 100mbps. The NBN’s FTTB service also offers maximum speeds of 100mbps, meaning TPG’s service may be a viable alternative to those who are looking for an alternative that doesn’t compromise on speed.

The wholesale deal with Uniti Group will make TPG’s FTTB network available to a number of retailers, potentially bringing the service to new customers looking for an NBN alternative.

TPG’s FTTB network has previously reached customers through its own stable of retailers, as well as other internet service providers such as Exetel. The network was initially rolled out to compete with the NBN directly, however government regulations forced TPG to scale back its operations.

TPG recently lost a decision to get some regulations overturned, which could’ve seen a further rollout of its network to rival the NBN.

The regulations were in place to stop internet service providers undercutting prices offered by NBN Co, by installing infrastructure in areas that the company had not yet reached. TPG argued that due to the NBN rollout being completed, NBN Co no longer needed to have such protection in the form of the existing regulations.

Uniti Group has 40 retail service partners who may choose to begin offering services across the TPG FTTB network. These retailers would expand the reach of the network to customers, as TPG still looks to position its FTTB offerings as a lower-cost NBN alternative.

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Last updated 20 July 2024