Now streaming in 2022: Australia's major streaming services, pricing and content

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Streaming services have provided hours upon hours of entertainment for Aussie families, with households able to utilise their broadband to access a multitude of movies and series at our fingertips like never before. 

With more and more players entering the market, it can be tricky to pin down exactly which streaming services you want to subscribe to, and what each different streaming service offers. 

While subscribing to a number of different services can broaden the availability of content, it can also stack up unnecessary costs. Just last year Mozo found that Australians were spending $390 million on unused streaming services.

To help ease that cost we’ve put together this handy guide to break down the differences between each service, their pricing and the content they offer so that you can decide which of the major players may suit your streaming needs.

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Streaming service price comparison

A major factor in which services a household subscribes to is cost. We’ve collected the major streaming services below so that you can compare the cost of a one-month subscription to the most basic level of coverage. 

It is worth noting that some services offer discounts for paying 12 months up front, rather than opting for the monthly billing cycle, while others may have special offers throughout the year. 

A number of streaming providers also offer more than one option for subscribers, which may include higher definition video and the ability to run concurrent streams. As such, the prices below reflect the entry-level subscription to these services.

Streaming ServiceAmazon Prime VideoNetflixStanApple Tv+Paramount+Disney+Binge
Monthly Cost (basic)$6.99$10.99$10$7.99$8.99$11.99$10

Major streaming players in Australia

Whether you’re looking for old classics to rewatch or a library of original content, there’s plenty of options within Australia’s streaming market.

It’s always a good idea to take advantage of any free trial period the streaming services offer to test their library of content before committing to a subscription. Thankfully for us, the streamers are on board with that thinking, and each offers a free trial period between 7-30 days. 

Deciding which streaming service has the right content for you can be a little tricky, so we’ve broken down each service below to try and simplify things.

Amazon Prime Video - Pricing and content

Amazon Prime Video is the streaming offering from global retail giant Amazon. With only one subscription tier, the low monthly price of $6.99 becomes even lower if you opt for a 12-month subscription, which will set you back just $59

To make the deal even sweeter, a subscription to Amazon Prime Video also includes:

  • a subscription to Prime Music (the company’s music streaming service), 
  • access to the company’s Prime Day retail deals,
  • free international delivery from Amazon for eligible orders over $50, and
  • free two-day domestic shipping from Amazon on eligible items.

Amazon Prime Video features a number of original series and films alongside an expansive catalogue of licensed content. 

Some of the streaming services’ most successful original content includes: 

  • Fleabag, 
  • The Boys
  • Invincible
  • The Expanse, 
  • Bosch, and 
  • The Underground Railroad. 

Licensed content on the service includes the Fast and Furious films, The Office and Supernatural.

The company has also committed to a $1 billion spend to bring a live-action The Lord of the Rings series to the service. The series’ first season is expected to premiere in the second-half of 2022. 

Netflix - Pricing and content

Netflix is one of the most recognisable streamers available, and the company continues to see strong popularity despite a number of competitors. The company only offers monthly subscriptions options, but features 3 different tiers that comprise of different video qualities and simultaneous streams. 

A Netflix Basic subscription costs $10.99 a month and features standard definition video available to one screen at a time. The Standard subscription tier costs $16.99 a month and introduces HD video and the ability to stream on two devices at once. Finally, Netflix’s Premium tier will set you back $22.99 a month, with video definition up to 4K and 4 simultaneous streams available.

Netflix invests heavily in its programming, producing original films, series and games (think mobile-quality) for its service, while licensing some of the biggest properties in media. Netflix’s original content tends to do the best on the service, with subscribers flocking to the latest big-budget offerings.

Some of the most successful original content on Netflix includes: 

  • Squid Game, 
  • The Witcher, 
  • You, 
  • Stranger Things, 
  • Bridgerton, 
  • Extraction, and 
  • Bird Box. 

Licensed content on Netflix includes Friends, Seinfeld, Rick and Morty and Knives Out.

Stan - Pricing and content

Stan is Australian-owned, with Nine Digital the parent company of the service that offers both original content and licensed programming. Like Netflix, Stan too only offers monthly payment options for three different tiers of subscriptions. 

A Stan Basic account will cost you $10 monthly, with standard definition video available to one screen at a time. Stan Standard costs $14 a month for High Definition video and 3 simultaneous streams, while a Stan Premium account will set you back $19 monthly for 4K Ultra HD video and 4 simultaneous streams. 

Stan’s licensed content includes some high-profile offerings such as Yellowstone, The Great, Godfather of Harlem, the James Bond film series, Harry Potter and Mr Robot, while the service features a number of Australian offerings both classic and original including: 

  • The Tourist, 
  • Underbelly, 
  • Wolf Creek (film and original series), and 
  • the Australian Lockdown Comedy Festival.

The company is also offering a $10p/m add-on called Stan Sport, which allows access to sporting events including the UEFA Champions League, ATP Cup and Premiership Rugby.

Apple TV+ - Pricing and content

Tech giant Apple has its own offering in the streaming market, with the company investing heavily to bring a number of big-name stars to its original content. The streaming service has just a single subscription tier with a competitive $7.99 monthly price tag, or users can opt for a $79.99 12-month subscription. 

This service differs from most of the other popular players due to the fact that licensed content is extremely sparse, with Apple instead choosing to spend its budget almost exclusively on original content. 

While this means you won’t be able to rewatch old favourites, Apple TV+ does feature plenty of original content with some of the world’s biggest stars. The service has managed to pick up some major awards for its offerings, too, with comedy series Ted Lasso taking home 7 Emmy’s from 20 nominations at last year’s ceremony.

Some of the highest profile offerings from Apple TV+ include: 

  • Morning Wars, 
  • Ted Lasso, 
  • Mythic Quest, 
  • The Oprah Conversation, and 
  • Oprah’s Book Club. 

While the lack of any licensed content does mean Apple TV+ has a smaller library than most other streamers, the company continues to grow its catalogue of original content to compete in the market.

Paramount+ - Pricing and content

The newest player in Australia’s streaming landscape is Paramount+ and the service has a number of offerings to try and entice subscribers. Paramount+ has one subscription tier that costs $8.99 per month, or customers can opt for a 12-month subscription at $89.99

Paramount+ brings a large catalogue of content to its subscribers, including popular series such as Dexter, Twin Peaks, Ray Donovan and Key and Peele and film offerings such as the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings franchises.

The service also features a number of original films, series and continuations, including: 

  • Star Trek: Picard, 
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, 
  • Behind the Music, 
  • Dexter: New Blood, 
  • Y:1883, and 
  • Infinite. 

Paramount+ also offers access to the A-League, Socceroos and Matildas matches alongside world news from CBSN. Currently, there is no extra cost for these features

Disney+ - Pricing and content

Disney fans both young and old can find what they’re looking for with Disney+, the streaming service from the media giant. A recent price increase introduced alongside the addition of a larger back-catalogue of content has seen the streaming service’s one subscription tier jump up to $11.99 a month, with a 12-month subscription available for $119.99

Content on the service includes past and future Disney films, the Marvel catalogue, the Star Wars franchise, Pixar classics and offerings from National Geographic, Fox and more. The content covers a number of age ranges and tastes, with everything from Frozen and Toy Story to The Simpsons and Lost on the platform. 

The company has also invested heavily in original content, with series’ set in:

  • the Star Wars universe such as The Mandalorian, 
  • installments in the Marvel franchise such as Loki, and 
  • completely new properties such as Only Murders in the Building.

Disney+ has also seen a number of the company’s major releases come to the service at the same time as cinemas, for an extra cost. 

Binge - Pricing and content

Another Australian-owned entry to the streaming market, Binge comes from parent company Foxtel and brings with it a large library of licensed content. 

Binge offers three tiers for subscribers, with the basic service costing $10 monthly for standard definition video available to one stream, the $14 a month standard subscription offering HD video and 2 concurrent streams and the $18 a month premium subscription offering 4 concurrent streams alongside HD video. 

The service features a big library of content from a range of different networks, with offerings such as Modern Family, the Harry Potter series, Below Deck, Crazy Rich Asians, The Walking Dead and Taskmaster on the service. 

A big selling point for the service is the fact it has the exclusive Australian rights to stream the catalogue of HBO, meaning Binge is the only place in the country where you'll find series such as:

  • Game of Thrones, 
  • The Sopranos, 
  • The Wire, 
  • Barry, and many more. 

The service has also begun offering its own originals, such as Australian series Love Me. 

The right broadband plan for the job

Streaming can chew at your bandwidth, so ensuring you have the right broadband plan for your streaming needs is an important first step. 

The number of devices connected in your home, as well as the quality of video you’re planning to stream can have a big impact on your broadband needs, and as such we recommend heading over to our guide on the NBN speed tiers and what each can handle.

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