Highly trusted Bendigo Bank brings new credit cards to the table

Bendigo Bank ready credit card graphic
Image provided by Bendigo Bank

Roy Morgan’s quarterly update has confirmed that when it comes to banks we trust, Australians still hold Bendigo Bank above the rest. 

Though trust is not a straightforward thing to rank, Bendigo Bank has been consistent and together with ING pulled ahead in the last round of rankings.

Bendigo Bank also scored awards in Mozo’s 2022 People’s Choice Awards for Banking, including Highly Trusted, Excellent Customer Service, and Outstanding Customer Satisfaction. Other winners included Bank Australia, neobank Up, and international money transfer provider Wise.

With all of this good news for Bendigo, let’s take a look at the recent shakeup to its credit cards.

What’s new with Bendigo Bank credit cards?

While Bendigo’s main rewards credit cards remain the same, two new cards join the line up: the Bright Credit Card and the Ready Credit Card.

Applying for either card at the moment will score you an 18 month introductory purchase rate of 0% p.a., so if you’re interested in these, there’s something to sweeten the pot.

First, the Bright Credit Card is a low-rate card option. You can enjoy a low 9.99% p.a. purchase rate with an annual fee of $59. There’s a late repayment fee of $15 but generally this card could be a great option for everyday, no frills spending. This isn’t a card for rewards-lovers, but if you ever have an outstanding balance on your card, this could definitely be an attractive option. This is especially true if you apply now and get the 18 month introductory 0% p.a. purchase rate!

Next, if rewards are more your scene, the introduction of the Ready Credit Card might be up your alley. Offering travel rewards without the pricey points scheme, this credit card boasts a $0 annual fee and a 19.99% p.a. purchase rate. You’ll also net international travel insurance and a $0 international transaction fee. The same $15 late payment fee does apply. Don’t forget that the 19.99% p.a. purchase rate will be temporarily brought down to 0% for 18 months when you apply now.

These new cards will hopefully not make any change to the bank’s Mozo award-winning customer service and reputation for trust.

If you want to explore more credit card options, take a look at the lineup of Mozo’s best credit cards.

^See information about the Mozo Experts Choice Credit Card Awards

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