Stocking fillers or credit card killers? Australia’s stupidest Christmas gifts revealed

Mozo’s national survey into the stupidest gifts that can be given at Christmas has revealed the ‘smiling poo emoji’ pillow as the most undesirable present.


Also high up on the unwanted list were USB hand warmers and Facebook-themed shower curtains.

While gag gifts are often part of the festive cheer, according to Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont the additional hit they can add to credit card debt won’t leave shoppers feeling so merry, especially if they never make it out of the wrapping paper.

“A social media themed shower curtain might seem like a funny gift for a Facebook-obsessed friend, but at $15 a pop, you’ve got to start questioning the value of it,” said Lamont. “Are you willing to spend that money on something that may not ever be used?”

If you are tempted to give the gift of laughter Lamont recommends thinking extra carefully about the recipient's sense of humour and not just your own, as Mozo’s study revealed a stark difference between gender and generation when it comes to what rates and what flops.  

“All is not equal in terms of what makes a silly Christmas pressie either,” said Lamont.

“Nearly half of under 25s thought the social media shower curtain deserved a place on the naughty list, while over 55s were much more likely to appreciate the joke. The poo emoji pillow split opinions again, being poo-pooed by around half of over 55s, while millennials were tickled, with less than 3 in 10 voting it as one of the stupidest presents.”

Without further ado, here are Australia’s stupidest Christmas gifts:

1. Emoji poo pillow
2. The ‘no’ button
3. Toast-shaped USB plug-in hand warmers
4. Facebook-themed shower curtain
5. Gold-plated playing cards
6. Custom BBQ branding iron
7. Bunch O Balloons
8. The wine bottle glass
9. Heat feet microwavable slippers
10. USB can cooler