Apartments in NSW and QLD to get solar power

The number of Aussie households with solar hit 2 million in 2018 and this was recognised as a milestone for the renewables industry. 

It promised energy savings, the chance for households to independently generate their own electricity and use electricity from a sustainable resource. 

However, Aussies living in apartments missed out on the same opportunity. 

Now energy retailer LPE and solar equipment supplier Allume Energy have announced they are joining forces to help Aussies living in strata apartments to access solar. 

This plan will combine LPE’s electricity supply model and Allume Energy’s SolShare technology. 

Each photovoltaic (PV) solar system is designed to support a strata community’s daytime electricity needs, though residents will still need to be connected to a regular retailer. 

Electricity is then distributed to all residents, allowing them to maximise their solar usage and cash-in on energy savings. 

LPE will then combine the solar and general electricity usage into one energy bill for residents. 

“We have been wanting to install solar for many years, but no solution worked for all residents and the body corporate community. With LPE an Allume we managed to not only have the solar system installed by LPE at no cost to us or the residents, but we can now enjoy the benefits of cheaper, greener electricity,” said chair of Urban apartment’s body corporate, Brendan Hayes. 

“Our residents feel good knowing that they are helping the environment by using renewable power and they are saving money whilst doing it.”

It’s reported that over 1.5 million Aussies within strata schemes in New South Wales and Queensland will be able to access the new program. 

“This is the first time strata apartment communities have had a decent solution that allows all residents to access a shared solar solution with one rooftop installation that gives them fair access to the savings generated from solar and allows them to become a sustainable community,” said LPE chief executive officer, Damien Glanville. 

If you think it’s time you made the switch to a more sustainable electricity solution for your household, read our solar power guide for more information. 

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