Australians turning to rooftop solar in record numbers amid energy bill price hikes

Australian households are adopting renewable energy solutions like never before, with newly released January data showcasing a record number of rooftop solar installations across the country in the first month of 2018.

The figures, released by solar energy analysts Sunwiz and reported on by RenewEconomy, revealed that the start to 2018 was the highest ever for rooftop solar installations - up 69% on the same period in 2017.

January’s figures continue what has been an ongoing boom in solar installations across Australia, with 2017 proving a record year for the sector.

According to the Clean Energy Council, a combination of electricity price rises and increased media attention in the last year have made consumers more aware, and receptive to, the idea of rooftop solar.

“More than 50 times more solar power was installed in 2017 than what was being installed a decade earlier,” said Clean Energy Council Executive General Manager, Natalie Collard in a recent statement

“What this tells us is that more Australians are worried about their power bills than just about ever before, and solar is an increasingly affordable way for people to save money for themselves, their family and their business.”

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But it’s not just rooftop solar that has seen a recent spike in patronage from Australian households, with Meridian Energy (owner of electricity retailer Powershop) indicating that more and more consumers are purchasing power from green energy companies.  

In fact, Meridian recently made agreements to purchase a number of renewable energy assets in order to keep up with increased customer demand.

“Powershop, Meridian Australia’s retail arm, has been on a strong growth trajectory since its launch in 2014, with customer numbers now more than 100,000. Acquiring the three hydro power stations along with the three PPAs for wind and solar farms in New South Wales and Victoria allows Powershop to continue to cover its growing retail position,” said Chief Executive, Ed McManus.

“Powershop’s steady growth is proof that Australians have a strong desire to support a green energy company. As Powershop continues to grow, we will invest in more renewable energy generation.”

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While jumping on board a renewable energy solution like home solar could be a great way to cut down your power bills, it can also be an expensive investment. Luckily, there a number of green personal loans on the market to help Australian households finance eco-friendly projects with discounted rates.  

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