Origin Energy says your old aircon could be losing you $166 a year

Rhianna Dews

11 Jan 2019

Summer fan hot content

In the midst of Australia’s current hot summer, 2018 Mozo People’s Choice Award winner Origin Energy has shed some light on how to survive the heat without breaking the bank.

For starters, that ancient aircon system you bought when you first moved in could be driving your summer bill higher than necessary. According to Origin, replacing a 15-year-old split system aircon unit with a newer model could save customers anywhere between $57 to $166 per year.

However, when choosing a replacement, consider your options wisely. Through its research Origin found that despite the cheap initial purchase cost, running a portable air conditioning unit can cost around $68 to $201 per year more than a split system or ducted unit.

But remember, it’s not just the machine, but how you use it. As Origin’s Stuart Osbourne put it, “setting your air conditioner to 24 degrees on hot days can save you energy, as every degree below that uses 5% more energy.” This equates to potential savings of $31 to $93 per year.

The research also showed that cooling a single room would cost you $470 less per year than cooling an entire house. Most newer gas and electric-ducted multi-split units now include thermostatic controls, timer functions, and designated zone cooling features, aimed to reduce energy consumption. By paying attention to these settings, Aussies can gain more control over their power bills.

“...By knowing what to look out for and following a few simple tips, customers can stay cool and save on their cooling costs,” said Stuart.

Non-electrical cooling alternatives

While air conditioning is great, keep in mind there are plenty of other solutions to staying cool this summer. When compared to standard clear glass, Origin discovered that double glazed windows and doors could eliminate approximately 40% of heat from entering the home. Natural shade provided by trees, pergolas and verandas can also help to keep the house cool.

Another way to save big time on your energy bills is by switching plans. Be sure to check out our energy cost cruncher to get quotes from energy providers in your area.

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