How a smart electric water heater could shave thousands off your energy bill

There are many reasons for switching to solar, but if anything’s for sure, it’s that Aussies want to see their energy bill decrease. The upfront cost of solar panels and storage can be daunting, but with new kid on the block Solahart PowerStore, you could be set to save on both the upfront investment and your quarterly power bills.

The new solar-smart electric water heater works with your solar power system to heat water when the sun is out and save it for your evening shower, instead of using energy from the grid.

“Put simple, Solahart PowerStore is like a battery, in that it stores excess power - only it’s in the form of hot water,” said Solahart General Manager, Stephen Cranch.

And since according to Solahart, 25% of your household energy goes toward electric water heating, installing PowerStore could cut thousands off your energy bill.

“With a much lower up-front cost compared to a solar battery, it makes energy storage more affordable for Aussie families.”

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In the past, the only choice for Australians using solar who couldn’t afford battery storage was to allow their excess energy to be fed back into the grid, with feed-in tariffs paying them for the supply.

Mozo crunched the numbers and found that the average feed-in tariff in NSW sits at 10.8c/kWh.

“Larger [solar power] systems can produce more power than the household needs (especially during the weekdays), and this excess power is then fed back into the grid often for little financial return,” said Cranch.

Will installing Solahart PowerStore drive down my energy bill?

With high energy prices here to stay, it’s no wonder Aussies are on the hunt to cut costs where they can.

According to Solahart, a family of four in Sydney that uses 25kWh a day on a 5.2 kW solar power system could be feeding 50% of it’s generation back into the grid. By switching from an electric water heater on off-peak tariff 2 to the PowerStore system, they could save $1,700 a year.

“This is a huge innovation for the renewable energy market. The combination of Solahart PowerStore and solar panels will help householders enhance their solar investment,” explains Cranch.

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It’s never been cheaper and easier to have solar panels, so why not take the plunge if you’ve been sitting on the fence for a while. Head to our personal loan section to find a green loan to help you fund your solar investment.

If you’re still not convinced, see how much you stand to save on your energy bill by heading to our energy cost cruncher, and selecting ‘yes’ next to the solar panel option.


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