Landis+Gyr says: Australia are in need of an energy education

They say that education is key, but according to a survey of more than 1,000 Aussies living in Melbourne and Sydney, we're not getting enough of it when it comes to our energy bills.

The survey, commissioned by industry leader in energy management solutions, Landis+Gyr revealed that Aussies don’t have a full understanding of the technology available to help control their energy usage, while having less trust in power companies to act in the public interest than both banking and the media.

The study stated that "almost 70 per cent of respondents revealed they would like energy companies to supply them with more information to better understand and control household energy use.”

"Rising energy costs are driving increased energy awareness among consumers and simply providing comparative data with other households is no longer considered good enough,” it went onto point out.

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One existing form of technology helping Aussie households understand their energy usage are smart meters, a digital device that tracks your energy usage every half hour.

According to the former head of EnergyAustralia and Ausgrid, George Maltabarow the rise of smart metres has been a slow but process, but recent surges in electricity prices has given many Aussies the reality check they need about their energy usage.

Less than half of those surveyed felt that they could effectively manage their energy usage with the existing knowledge they had on how smart meters work.

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"Consumers have different levels of engagement but technology is helping them to transition to greater control of their power consumption,” Maltabarow said.
"With smart meters, they are more able see when to shift their consumption from peak to off-peak times.” 

Only last year Mozo reported on the rollout of smart meter across the country, becoming mandatory for not only Victorian homes, but the rest the of the country.
So if you’re wondering how these nifty devices can help you get a hold on your energy bills, get ready for a Mozo crash course on smart meters. 

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What do smart meters actually do?

Smart meters use the latest technology to record your energy usage every half hour, before sending them off to your energy retailer. 

What if I have solar?

Even if you’re the proud of owner of solar panels, they are still compatible with smart meters. Your smart meter can calculate the amount of electricity sent to the grid, ensuring that you are reimbursed for any eligible feed-in tariffs. 

How can I access my energy usage? 

To find out how much energy you’ve been using, you can either:

  • Visit your provider's site - If you manage your energy account online, you can access your data by logging into your provider’s smart meter web portal.
  • Invest in a home-display -These displays can show you how much electricity you’re using as well as how much your electricity is costing every hour.  

How will my smart meter help me save money?

Every Aussie household have a similar pattern into how we use our energy - high usage during weekday morning, evenings with low usage overnight, also known as peak and off-peak times. 

Once you have a fair understanding of what your peak times are, you can then make use of the flexible pricing plan, which charges you different rates for different times of the day. This will then give you the option of reducing your energy bill by using energy-guzzling appliances during off-peak hours.

But of course, the biggest way to save on energy costs is to switch to a better value plan. So check out our energy comparison tool to compare some of the hottest deals on energy today.


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