Powershop launches digital book to help children rein in energy usage

From remembering to switch the lights off to forgetting to unplug their laptops from powerpoints, if there’s one thing most parents struggle with, it’s teaching kids about better energy habits. 

But thanks to a new initiative from Powershop, Aussie parents may be able to turn things around. 

The green retailer has today launched its free interactive digital book called ‘Pond Party’, which not only teaches children about endangered Aussie animals but provides simple tips on how families can reduce their electricity usage and enjoy lower bills. 

“Whilst we’re dealing with the ongoing effects of the bushfires and now COVID-19, a digital book which can be read at home and responds with the ways people use energy in their home, is an educational and entertaining tool for both customers and non-customers alike,” she said. 

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Some of the tips in the digital book include:

  • Switching off appliances at the powerpoint when not in use
  • Not using the lights inside when it’s sunny
  • Making a draught stopper out of an old stocking or socks
  • Telling an adult to only use the dishwasher when it’s full

For many parents, this interactive experience may not have come at a better time, as homeschooling becomes the new norm and electricity usage is at an all time high. 

In fact, according to recent Mozo research, the average Aussie family is now set to pay an extra $527 in six months time.  

That number then skyrockets to a whopping $1,582 when heating appliances are added into the equation. 

Mozo’s Director, Kirsty Lamont encouraged households to get ahead with their finances during this time and make the switch. 

“With so many households feeling the financial crunch amid dire economic times, it’s crucial to review your household expenses, minimise costs and switch to more competitive deals wherever possible,” she said. 

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